Tuesday, January 10, 2012

love vs. hate

things i love as of late:
1. pistachio gelato, quinoa and a vegetarian burrito bowl from chipotle.
food. food. food. 
these are my cravings lately. 
2. going back to my second home in life; the dance studio. 
as nice as it was to stuff my face with carbs and sugar during break...
it's not so nice putting leotards and tights  back on.
that being said, the motivation to get back in shape is exhilarating. 
3. reading.
oh, how lovely it is to pick up a book for enjoyment rather than for school.
we've been cozying up while reading ourselves to sleep. it's the perfect ending to a day.
4. aquifer lip balm.
it's incredible.
i've been addicted to aquifer for years. but the new lip "stuff" takes the cake.
5. little old grandpa's and grandma's out and about.
they melt my heart on a daily basis.
movies, grocery stores, restaurants...
i wonder and hope we'll be as charming and as cute, years down the road from now. 

things i hate as of late:
{strongly dislike or am easily bugged by}
1. the "bumps" on the road.
california roads have obnoxious bumps as dividers for the lanes instead of nice smooth lines.
it sounds and feels like a miniature earthquake every time you change lanes.
2. the opposition in our school semesters.
lovebird started this monday. i start in three weeks.
this so kindly makes our spring breaks and the last day of the term one month apart from each other. boo.
3. the way my body aches. 
welcome back to ballet.
every muscle is screaming. quite literally.
especially my neck. i underestimated just how much ballerinas use their necks.
4. dry skin.
i'm a crocodile right now. and that about says it all.
5. when someone walks out of a public bathroom without washing their hands.
yes, i'm a germ-a-phob. but, that's besides the point.
it's disgusting in every way.

a little love-hating in life can never do you harm.
{as long as you love more than you hate.}


  1. things i love
    1. your blog, of course. :)
    your ability to express yourself is amazing and inspiring, funny and charming without being saccharine or over the top.
    2. tomato-less corn-chile salsa from Trader Joe's.
    i simply, truly, and deeply love fruity salsas, perhaps because of their blessed sweet-tart-hotness...
    3. when my son sits on my lap and wraps my arms around him.
    sometimes, being "forced" to snuggle is a wonderful thing.

    things i hate
    1. my inability to keep up my own blog.
    partly due to f/t school and f/t work, plus 3 year old, add in a dash of laziness and stir.
    2. jeggings or pajama-jeans, or just pajamas worn to public places.
    ew. i just don't get how, or why.
    3. neglecting to exercise.
    my body revolts strenuously when it is still for too long, usually by developing aches and pains and muscle spasms... i don't want to be one of those people who has to medicate to live in peace.

    love you, dear-- cheers on the blog, the hub, the dream, the journey... they suit you. :)

  2. And I love your blog and vegetarian burrito bowls! I strongly dislike when someone leaves a bathroom without washing their hands...what is the point besides spreading germs? I especially get nauseated with its a co-worker who may or may not work in the cube right now to me, ha!

  3. lip balm, food and old people are just too perfect! you are adorable girl! miss you!
    xo TJ

  4. grandmas and grandpas- so adorable! love this idea for a post!

  5. Thank you for leaving the lovely comment on my blog. Because of it, I found yours. Oh my, how could I not LOVE a blog with lovebirds in the title:) I adore your love list; especially the dance studio, quinoa and reading. Ugh, can't stand people who don't wash their hands. I'm terrified of germs.

  6. you are so cute! :)

    i am also loving reading. it's been one of my goals for this month to read more and computer less.


  7. lol this is too perfect! and i literally have to stop my mouth from dropping open in disgust every time i see someone walk out of the bathroom without washing their hands. EW! that's why i never touch the door handles :)