Thursday, January 12, 2012

picture promise.

today i feel lazy.
i'm not a lazy person. so, perhaps it's a state of relaxation.
just yesterday, i told lovebird i am going to enjoy every last second of my school break,
because once school is added to the mix... i feel as though i barely have time to breathe.
back to being lazy.
there is one thing that i am lazy at;
 that would be uploading my pictures to my computer off my "real" camera.
today's total of pictures: 982. 
yikes. that is a lot of sorting, fixing, remembering and organizing.
it's so convenient to have a nice camera on my phone.
it's always with me, it's light weight in my purse, and it's literally fun to 
take snap shots of everyday life.
i forget to grab my camera and put it around my neck.
next to my iPhone- it seems bulky, heavy and far too professional. 
but, and it's a big but....
i do love the pictures my camera takes far better than my phone.
the image is a billion times different, sharper and prettier. 
why am i lazy about it then?
this makes no sense to me.
that is why, this is one of my new year's resolutions.
after all, we did drop some serious cash on this little baby.
so, why have it sit and stare at us?
maybe if i put it on the table by the front door, i'll feel guilty about leaving it behind.
i do get attached to things that really don't have feelings.
it's one of my strange qualities that lovebird finds amusing. 
so, there you have it:
i've admitted to being lazing in the photo department.
i've admitted to being a weirdo.
and i've admitted that i'm promising something i may not live up to. 

please expect pictures on the blog. 
and if you aren't seeing them, i would love a friendly reminder. 


  1. I have been lazy too! Just enjoying the free time before school starts back up!

  2. January is always a lazy month for me - it's like a hard crash after all the holiday jazz, family functions, waay too much eating! I usually get my act together in Feb :)

  3. yay for pictures! ;D hope you have a blessed weekend.


  4. Pictures are great, but time people time! It's hard hey?! It wil be nice to see what you capture!


  5. such a great photo of you, so pretty! i too have fallen into the trap of taking most of my photos on my phone. it's a bad habit, i think i will try to break it as well. here's to nicer photos!