Sunday, January 15, 2012

this one takes the cake.

it's time to let you in on another little secret: 
the honest truth: i can't buy the "good" or expensive stuff
  at the rate we lovebird goes through shower gel.
so leaving those luscious bath and body work scents behind,
we've resulted in trying a billion different kinds. 
you name it: target brand, aveeno, olay, walmart brand, aveda, suave, dove...
yep, we've gone through them all. and probably all of the different scents too.
last weekend, i made a quick trip to rite aid... 
and came across this clearance item:

i thought, "what the heck, why not?"
brought it home, and naturally placed it in the shower.
the next morning, lovebird calls out from the shower, "why did you buy baby stuff?"
 i assured him to look closely; baby brand but "adult" stuff.
after his pickiness passed, he lathered up with what has now become our favorite.
{okay, probably more my favorite}
i'm telling you, it smells delicious and truly moisturizes.
both are key if you ask me. 
lessons learned:
1. it's okay to buy "baby stuff".
 2. never judge a book by it's cover.
3. husband will devour you with kisses if you shower too close to bedtime. 
{thanks to the delicious smell that last until your next shower.} 


  1. ooooh. looks divine. i might have to try this! tell your husband to only freak out if you come back to the house with pregnancy tests, and thats all!

  2. Oh I want to try this! Funny how I pass right over the "baby stuff"! Thanks for the recommendation!


  3. haha! i love 'baby stuff'!! burt's bees & the johnson kind smell soooo good..leaves me smelling my own skin over and over ha!

  4. the clearance items are alwayes the best ;) thanks for sharing!!

    *correction: post shower kisses from the hubs are the best!

  5. It is totally okay to by baby stuff! I have used this before and it makes your skin so silky smoothe and smells so nice!