Monday, January 16, 2012

cover to cover.

i'm a magazine junkie.
i tell you, i could spend hours at barnes & noble
{currently my favorite place on the planet}
simply reading magazines from cover to cover.
home, fashion, health, times... and the list goes on.
it doesn't matter which one or how many.... 
as long as i'm sitting in one of those wood chairs, 
inhaling the smell of new books, while being serenaded with "bookstore" music.

this has become a slight problem, however.
i have every intention of going to the bookstore to catch up on my 
long list of books to read.
life is too short to not read every single day. 
think of all the books out there you will never read, simply due to not enough time.
that thought kills me. 
if only it was world wide requirement to schedule an hour a day just for reading.
that would be heavenly.

until then, time spent sifting through pages of magazines
will be my sinful addiction. 

what magazines are you subscribed to monthly?
{come on... let me know of your secret stash.}
or what magazines to you gravitate towards reading when you have time to kill?

p.s. i love this, this and this craft with all of those extra magazines that sit and collect dust! 
...and this is an adorable valentine idea! 

read, craft, and dream on. 


  1. I don't read magazines, just don't have the time. I'm trying to squeeze in book reading though, we'll see :)

  2. i'm terrible and totally gravitate towards the gossip magazines, US Weekly and People. but i also love elle, marie claire, seventeen, teen vogue, oprah, ha!
    xo TJ

  3. also guilty...i love relaxing with a good magazine:) i am suscribed to Lucky, Vogue, & Teen Vogue but adore Elle, Marie Claire, plus many more! haha

  4. I love doing that too :) My favorites are Glamour & Elle :)

    Have a great day!

    Mundo de Alicia ❤

  5. When I get a chance to hang out in B & N, I'm the same way as you! The husband will be checking out "real" books and I always end up in the magazine section. I usually go for the the health, celebs, food, and home decor magazines. I need to schedule a date soon.

  6. i am really enjoying getting back into reading this year. i am making myself take some time out of my busy day. usually that means putting down the computer. :)


  7. we SO have that in common! i am definitely a magazine junkie. at my first job all the girls i worked with and i would go to walmart across the street before we opened every day and buy a new one and read them and switch around and giggle about the latest celebrity gossip (yup, we even bought those too!) it was pretty hilarious and pathetic but i loved it. i love Seventeen and Elle.