Wednesday, February 29, 2012

airport post.

what a weekend.
it started off with performances of rat pack. 
 i then hopped on a plane to fly home, 
"hosted"a party, 
made a drastic change,
{you'll see after i show lovebird tonight.}
said a big goodbye to my best friend in life,
and am now waiting patiently to get back home to my lover.
i can't wait to get home.
but, i'm certainly sad to leave my family and home.
i have lots of pictures and events to catch you up on.
please be patient with me
because i also have lots of homework and studying to catch up on.
{which, unfortunately has to take priority.}
until then, enjoy the little tidbits of my trip from the pictures above.
i promise to be a "good" little blogger and post the details soon.
i hope you are having a happy wednesday!
it's snowing {more like 'dumping'} here. 
i'm so happy i got to experience a little snow storm 
before i head back to sunny california. 


  1. so i moved to oregon recently from california. i was JUST telling my girl friends how much i miss in and out. I'm about to lick my computer screen!

  2. i am coming back to san francisco for two weeks in mid march! is this where you are? want to meet at in and out? i'll be living there for two weeks. feel free to email me!

  3. your lucky you get to "experience" it, because i have to live in it! hee hee! wouldn't be utah without some crazy weather though right?

  4. your photos make me want to eat my feelings ;)
    hahah it all looks so beautiful {and delicious}

    i get to see my beau in two days - i know the feeling.
    anticipation, excitement... but mostly anticipation :)

    have a great rest of your week!
    tiana of l'esthetique

  5. You have such a lovely blog!Check my blog and follow me if you want!

  6. Looks like you had a fun trip!! Zach is sad Joel couldn't make it up.

  7. Sounds like a fabulous, and very busy weekend! Oh and Ben & Jerry's Everything But The is my FAVE! Definitely craving it now :)

  8. sweet photo's! yeah soak up the snow because it's nice and sunny in LA today! i adore your blog... i'd love to follow each other if you enjoy mine too. have a great day!

    xo, Vanessa (the gal)

  9. Love these pictures! And LOVE tulips. Happy Friday Miss!

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