Thursday, March 1, 2012


i'm officially a brunette. 
kind of crazy, right?
i have never been anything but blonde.
but, now i can check something off my bucket list.
i am still getting used to seeing myself in the mirror.
it's kind of shocking every time.
it's weird finding brown hair on my clothes rather than blonde.
touching my hair feels like i'm playing with someone else's' hair. crazy, right?
all and all, i like the change.
change is good.
a drastic change is a good thing too.
i didn't tell lovebird i was doing it... so he was in for a surprise last night
when he picked me up at the airport.
{i tried filming his reaction, but i wasn't close enough to him when he realized.} 
it took him a few minutes to realize it was actually me. 
and when he did, his eyes grew ten time larger
and his head did the biggest double take i've ever seen.
thank goodness, he likes it. actually, loves it.
he's now in love with a brunette.

thanks goodness for change in life.
what's the biggest drastic change you've "experienced"?

p.s. if you live in utah and want a rockin' new do, 
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  1. looks good! i have naturally dark hair so my color scheme can never range very far.

  2. YAY for a big change! That's so fun! Totally cute, but I wanna see the from the front too! It's so funny when you wake up that first morning and look in the mirror huh?! This coming from a gal that was brunette, blonde, black, brunette, and blonde again :) I've decided I'm definitely supposed to be a blonde though :)

  3. it's totally cute! loved your insta! I've alway been brunette, but i kinda wanna have a blonde summer. thinking about it. let me know if brunettes or blondes have more fun!? jk! looks great!

  4. How cute! I've always been a blonde, but went dark brown last year (And I cut my hair super short!) Then I went a little crazy and went to red, and now I'm a faded brown, but it's so exciting to not be my natural colour, haha I don't know why!
    xo Heather

  5. Ahhh - welcome to the brunette club! :) Looks great!

  6. So beautiful, of course anything will look good on Elease! I went brunette (actually my now natural, but I grew up as a blonde) for a few months. Honestly I couldn't get used to it. I am glad you are liking it!

  7. Wow you're brave! I could never go brunette--I've only ever been blonde! You go, girl!
    Oh, Just livin the dream!

  8. OH MY GOSH, GORGEOUS!! cant wait to see more!
    i love changing up my hair color.
    and that would have been CLASSIC to see your hubby's reaction!


  9. I have found that with hair, you've just gotta do it! If you don't, you'll always wonder what it would be like if you did! Good for you! I'm sure it's stunning! :)

  10. ya know this is always something I wanted to do!!! I've never been anything but blonde but sure enough "try being a brunette" is on my bucket list. you go girl!!

  11. I've been blonde my entire life too! I'm too scared to even do lowlights!
    It's looks fantastic on you though :)

  12. Oh wow. That's so much fun! I'm a natural redhead but always considered dying my hair brown just to see what it would feel like. Enjoy all of the fun reactions!

  13. Wow this is awesome! I too am a blonde and have been scared to do this. Hubby wanted me to try it this winter but I'm kinda attached to the blonde hair =) But you've encouraged me to maybe try it =)
    Much Love,


  14. ohhhmygosh! so cute! seriously, i love it :) i want to see it from the front! haha

  15. i live in sl and i totally need a new hair girl!!! let me know :)

    and i went brunette... once... it was awful..

    i envy people who can pull off all colors!!!

    p.s. your hair is gorgeous!

  16. LOVE IT!

    You daredevil, you


  17. I did the same thing over two years ago, went from blonde to dark auburn! It was SO weird looking at myself in the mirror! haha But I've been dark ever since. :) It's great! I love it...although I do miss my blonde sometimes.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I think I'll be coming back here every once in a while. ;)

  18. oh my!!! i LOVE your hair!! you are so lucky you can pull off both blonde and brunette!!