Wednesday, February 15, 2012

attracted to you.

fun and interesting fact of the day:
{and surprisingly, i learned this in my anthro class}

universally, what are the top two traits we {as humans} are attracted to?
any guesses out there before i tell you the answers?
number one: clear skin.
number two: youth. 

clear skin:
are you surprised clear skin is number one?
i was... until i ended up thinking about this long and hard all day. 
personally, the one thing i obsess over daily, is having clear skin.
eyes are pretty with or without makeup, hair can be thrown up into a ponytail and look gorgeous,
fashionable clothes can make you look like million bucks and perfume adds the final touch...
 however, if you have a blemish on your face- you feel completely self conscious.
not to mention you feel like you are going through puberty all over again.
or you feel like when people talk to you- all they look at is that stinkin' blemish. 
universally, clear skin is a sign of health. 
interesting, right? but completely accurate.

p.s. think about it- how many products are out there advertising clean and beautiful skin?
foundation, powder, face wash, body wash, self tanners, lotion and the list goes on and on....

this one is a bit strange to me. 
i understand why. but i'm shocked it ranked number two on the list.
youth meaning.... the average human naturally desires to look, be and feel young.
you'd have to agree with that, right? and also-
universally, most men look to "mate" with younger women. 
pretty accurate. {except for those "cougars" out there}.

what is number one and two on your list?
 remember, this is just the universe's list. 
i'm curious to hear what you think about these two being ranked highest.

photo: inspiration to this post.
it was a perfect find after the lecture in anthro class.
she is simply beautiful. her skin is flawless.
and i'm slightly obsessing over her bun and long eyelashes. 


  1. beautiful picture and really curious anthro class!! I'd love assisting to this class as well! hehe


  2. Wow that is interesting. I look for eyes and I think the mouth - I guess thats weird. I don't focus on skin much though because, well, I'm still in high school, and everyones skin sucks here. Haha :)
    xo Heather

  3. this is really interesting! Glad you stopped by my blog, I love yours!

  4. i can believe youth. clear skin i found to be a bit surprising until i actually thought about it as well. when my skin broke out my first semester of college, it made me so self conscious! this is such an interesting post and i appreciate reading things like this :)

    tiana of l'esthetique

  5. Oh, man. As someone who has been struggling with acne for almost 8 years, I'm bummed to see clear skin at the top of the list! But, as you mentioned, that's just according to the universe. I know I've got lotsa other good things going on :P
    It sounds like those go back to the idea that people are attracted to "good mates". Clear skin and youth would indicate good health and the ability to make strong, healthy babies, I'd guess?
    I think I'm most attracted to eyes and hair, with teeth a close third.

    P.S. I love the colors and design you've used on your blog. Very cute!

    Left brain, right brain, pug brain.

  6. So, I totally understand the clear skin {even though it's frustrating, because I don't think I've had completely clear skin since I was 7! HA!} My number one is definitely teeth. It's a little odd, I know. But I've spent so much time and money on my teeth {braces, whitener, etc} that's always what I notice first.
    P.s. Love that picture, someday my hair will be long enough to do a top bun!

  7. I love fun facts for the day!

  8. i love learning things like this! and i totally believe it. xx

  9. So interesting! Hmmm... for me it's nice bone structure and big eyes.

  10. I'd say that sounds about right. It would explain why all these women (atleast where I come from... Utah) are trying to look so young and hot all the time. If only we weren't such superficial people eh?

    P.S. I love your blog, so cute!


  11. Oh yes clear skin is on top of my list too. And cleanliness, I can stand a person who is a total slob and has poor hygiene. ack.

  12. Oh no, now I'm going to feel even MORE self conscious when I have a break out! Haha. Very interesting though. I wouldn't have guessed either of those two either.

  13. This does make lots of sense. It's two things that are pretty hard to fake. Unlike tanning, extensions, makeup, you can only do so much to look younger or cover your blemishes!


  14. i must be a cougar. i'm three months older than the mister ;)
    xo TJ

  15. first, a bit unrelate, but I love your blog! So glad to have stumbled up on it.

    two, this is seriously fascinating. But I have to agree with clear skin, no matter what you wear or do, if you have clear skin you feel confident, right? now we know why! And youth, I guess it's not too surprising, but a little sad, really.

  16. caught myself a youngster. he makes life way more exciting.

  17. i long to be able to do this with my hair... ):