Wednesday, February 1, 2012

greetings in february.

goodbye january. hello february.
goodbye new year's. hello valentine's.
goodbye confetti. hello hearts. 
goodbye new year's resolutions. hello reality. {only somewhat a joke}
goodbye winter break. hello text books and calculators.
goodbye silver and gold. hello red and pink.
goodbye empty ring finger. hello "new" wedding ring.
goodbye any sort of free time. hello no time to spare.
goodbye watching the ball drop. hello watching cupid do his magic. 
goodbye white carbs. hello veggies.
goodbye raley's. hello sunflower market. always. 
goodbye dreaming. hello planning a big adventure.
goodbye phone calls and chats with little brother. hello {love} letters from mexico.
goodbye lack of v-day decorations. hello beautiful quilt made by midge.
goodbye classical ballet. hello contemporary. 
{come see rat pack! check out info here.}
goodbye nude lips. hello bright pop of color.
goodbye fear of never seeing lovebird. hello coordinating our school schedules.
{we're gratefully embrace the heavenly hour we get to spend each morning together, before our commute.}
goodbye celebrating 2012. hello celebrating love.
goodbye hours of cutting out by hand. hello cricut. 
goodbye to a friend over the internet. hello to finally meeting you in "real" life.
goodbye lovebird getting mad at me. hello to not housing my phone in my back pocket. 
{bad habit of mine. i should know better.}
goodbye books hiding under bed. hello little library in our home. aka: new bookcase.
goodbye january. hello february. 

* again, you are welcome to do this on your own little blog. but, please don't steal.
show some love and reference it back to my blog.
besides, i'd love to read your lovely lists. 
let me know, so i can check them out! 


  1. love this, such a good idea!! i found your blog through megs and think you are so cute!

  2. such a cute idea! just wrote one on my blog- thanks for the idea! love reading your lovely blog. You seem darling!

  3. Oh what a sweet little post! Maybe I'll try something like this next month. Love it!

  4. great post!!

  5. you are so cute. love this idea girl!
    xo TJ

  6. This is very cute, thanks for your comment!

  7. Your blog is so so cute! I love it!! Happy first day of February!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

    1. love your blog! this is a super cute idea. :)

  8. LOVE IT!!!!

  9. You're blog is absolutely fabulous. I just love people being in love, and that it seems that you are. So excited that I'm here:)