Thursday, February 2, 2012

scoop of love and laughter.

last night when the words of my textbook started blurring together into one big word, i decided it was time for a break. a break from school and life.
i was in desperate need of a break full of nothing but giggles, love and time with lovebird. 
so, i yelled into the office where he so obediently was doing his homework....
"hey, i need you to come here". 
"no you don't."
{he obviously knows me way too well. crap.}
"no, i seriously do. i need your help on my homework".
{all lies, i tell you.}
"lease, i'll kill you if you're lying."
he killed me alright; killed me with tickles and kisses. 
we laid on the ground for a good two hours. 
we stayed up way past our bed time doing nothing but chitchatting. 
and listening to spotify. the new best thing since sliced bread.
{it's a real treat to find all the oldies you listed to back in the day... all for free.}
my head was propped over his as we sang "we are young". glee version, duh.
i can't describe how funny it was to lip-sync and do actions face to face. noses touching.
lovebird told me i looked like a muppet when i sang. that was nice of him. 
we were laughing so hard we were both crying and my abs felt like a million bucks. 
after we were sick to our stomachs from laughter, we decided we needed to feed them with our new favorite addiction: pistachio for him, caramel for me. 
it was a good night at home. 
nothing beats time with lovebird doing absolutely nothing- 
because it's these moments that make up our everything. 
i'll hit the books later, right?
this was well worth my time. anthropology can always wait.
after all- love and gelato will always come first. 


  1. my heart is smiling.:) ps i looove spotify!

  2. This is so cute. I can't believe he told you, you look like a muppet when you sing haha how romantic! Sounds like you two had a great night! x

  3. Sometimes the throw away of responsibility is just what we need to feel alive again.

    This sounds so stinking lovely :)

  4. awh this is toooooo 'stinkin cute!!!!!<3

  5. I love doing absolutely nothing with the husband. Such a sweet post! Oh and I love talenti gelato!! :)

  6. I love little moments like that :) Perfect!

  7. Elease what's your email and I'll send you those recipes. Sorry I didn't see an email linked to your profile.

  8. awwww you two are so darn cute!! what a sweet night at home together. its the simple things that really are the best:)


  9. Lovely story. Those moments are the best.

  10. Adorable! and the ice cream... YUM! pistachio and caramel. sounds like a perfect mix! Very nice blog xxx

  11. Your blog is great;).

    I read it a long time;)

    invite me if you want it to follow and to comment kisses;)

  12. these nights are absolutely the best! that pistachio and caramel sounds delicious, i might have to try some! now your newest follower! :)

  13. ha, i love distracting mr. taylor from all of his busy work. it's the best to just laugh and spend all that quality time together. especially when it just rolling on the floor laughing. you too are just the cutest :)
    xo TJ