Tuesday, February 7, 2012

king of pop.

i know i'm a week late, BUT...
did you watch glee last week?
[i can't believe i'm just now getting around to posting about it.]
two words: michael jackson. 
if you at all know me, you know how obsessed i am with michael jackson.
he is almost a part of my every day life. 
no, i'm not a creeper. and i don't really think he is either.
i'm in love with his music and is moves.
if only another human being could ever be as talented as him, but it's impossible. 
however, the glee cast got pretty close.
they did a lovely job honoring him.
their song selections were brilliant. and their dancing was kicked up a notch in this episode.
i'm a big glee fan, but a die heart MJ fan. 
when they combined the two: heaven was on hearth for an hour.
i hope you all saw it. 
if not, it airs tomorrow online right here or here.
it's well worth your time of watching it.
even if your not a glee fan, because let's face it nothing beats michael jackson's songs. 
period. the end. i love you mj.


  1. Oh girl!! That episode was seriously my FAVORITE Glee episode ever!! I loved it so much! My fave was BAD by Santana, {and the other kid that I can't think of his name right now :)}. LOVED it!

  2. I love MJ. Love him. I thought the episode was pretty good, too!

  3. I like MJ's music too - it never gets old! I haven't watched an episode of Glee...ever. Maybe I'm the only one?!?! I'll have to check it out to see what I've been missing :)

  4. I missed that episode, I guess I'll have to check it out. I'm glad you found my blog, so that I could find yours!! Cute!

  5. don't kill me. i can't get into glee.

  6. Glee is the best. Not necessarily a huge fan of the story line but the music? OHHHH, THE MUSIC. So good.