Monday, February 6, 2012

year of the dragon.

happy chinese new year!!!
i attended a lovely chinese new year party on saturday.
of course, i wore red. not only was it requested. but it's good luck!
{no brainer: red lipstick too.}
i ate one too many fortune cookies. 
chinese tradition: tying your wish for the new year on a cherry blossom branch. 
{lots of pressure to come up with just one perfect wish, i tell you.}
i enjoyed the festive decorations and the company of the lovely guests.
opened a fortune cookie with quite the fortune. see for your self. {above}
i had a splendid time celebrating another culture.
i wish lovebird could have joined me.
{but i'm thankful for a happy-hard-working husband}
it was a wonderful party.
what a great way to ring in the new year... twice! 


  1. i've never celebrated chinese new looks so fun! i might have to plan something next year. love your red lips!

  2. I haven't celebrate chinese new year either, but these photos are awfully inspiring! I'd love to throw/attend a Chinese new year party! Perfect excuse to wear red lipstick ;)

  3. where were the festivities? looks like you had so much fun. i'm jealous.

  4. Happy CNY!! Looks so fun and pretty!


  5. so much fun! and of course red lipstick is required ,)
    xo TJ

  6. you have such a beautiful blog. i would love to do a fun feature on the lovebirds! please email me at happyheartblog{@} for more info!

  7. great photos!

  8. absolutely love the collection of photos, and the effect too! Love your blog, check mine out and let me know if you would like to be followers!

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  9. Talk about some FABULOUS lipstick!! For some reason tying a wish to a cherry blouson branch seems so beautiful. I kind of want to begin that tradition.