Tuesday, March 13, 2012

bachelor ben.

better late than never, i suppose.
i hadn't watched a single episode of the bachelor this season...
until last night- when i watched the season finale. 
i wasn't that into the show, simply because i wasn't up to date with
all the drama, make-out scenes and gossip leading up to it.
but, nonetheless, i had a lovely night with friends.
we had a 'girls only' night.
we drank sparkling cider and ate yummy finger foods. 
my conclusion of the show:
i feel sorry for ben.
i loved him last season, but this season
  {or should i say the one episode that i watched?} 
i didn't feel that love. 
i wasn't too attached to either of the girls-
but from first impressions, i would have picked lindzi.
oh, well.
love is a crazy thing and doesn't always work out perfectly.
that's even true for those in hollywood. 
that being said, thank goodness for reality t.v. shows;
they give us an excuse to get together with the girls and eat chocolate.
{of course, while wearing our comfy sweats. or in my case, lovebird's clothes.}

i know some of you are much more into the show than i am.
so, what did/do you think?
i'm looking forward to reading your comments below
as well as all the blog posts posted in honor of ben today! 


  1. i also have not watched an episode this season except for last night, and ben seemed to have no personality compared to last season. oh, well!

  2. Ha, I only watched the finale show last night and that was it too! Not sure why really?! Maybe it was the 2+ hours of dedication I didn't have time for!? Anyway, the finale seemed a bit fake...I think I even saw Lindzi hiding a laugh/grin when she got dumped?! The ATR ceremony was confusing and silly in my opinion. Anywhoooo, it was at least a great excuse to drink wine and eat chocolate! :)

  3. i've watched every single episode this season...the only season that's happened ever for me! haha. butttt i knew that courtney would win.. idk, the bachelor is wayyy different compared to when it first started!! i think because of the media and such, the couples have a greater chance of splitting. that's what it seems! sad though, really.. the 'after the finale' was interesting though! i'm just curious to see how long their second engagement will last:)

  4. So true about the chocolate and sweats girls nights! Those are definitely the best.
    btw, i added your button and wrote a small post about you :)

    Hopefully sending some readers your way!

  5. HAH! You NEED to watch the other episodes!! :P

  6. Your blog is so cute!!!! :)



  7. Thanks for visiting my blog! I am now following you. I watched a little bit of The Bachelor but I actually missed the finale. I'm glad you've filled me in here! TV nights with the girls are the best! Nothing beats a few glasses of wine and some chocolate :) Sounds like you had a great night.

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

  8. My thoughts are that Ben proved that men will be men. Of course he chose Courtney. Sucker! :P jk, jk ;) Well. Kinda. LOL

    Looks like a way fun girls night- love those!

  9. I am jealous! I need a girls night:) cute blog.

  10. Sounds like the FUNNEST night! I was thinking the whole time I was watching that episode that I wished I was at a girlie party, ha ha! I know America hate Courtney... but I loved her! And not just because we have the same name :)

  11. I didn't watch The Bachelor this season (because, honestly, his hair drives me crazy), but I love that you got a big group gathering! That would make it so much more fun to watch :)

  12. I couldn't stand him, but I still watched hahah! I love the "Bachelor" show even when they have a dorky dude! I guess I love the drama! You did what I have always wanted to do.... a giant girls night finale...looks like it was SOo fun! Thank you for your sweet post the other day! Your blog is so adorable!


  13. freakin ben! can't believe him! seriously! But i honestly thought courtney looked so dang pretty last night! Love following all the other girls on twitter. funniest thing! And i so agree with the girl above me, his hair is pretty sick!

  14. I totally agree with you that he was great last season but I certainly wasn't a fan this season and didn't watch much of this season but any excuse to get together with girlfriends is great!

    Lacey xoxo

  15. Omg this blog is way too cute!

    Now following :)

  16. Very nice post, now you made me curious about it :)

  17. this looks like a blast! and you're lucky you didn't watch the entire season -- it was a little unsettling :) haha

    tiana of l'esthetique

  18. I love spending my weekend with my boyfriend. For some reasons, however, I need the girls' night.. It seemed like u had a great night back then..

  19. So I was able to get your button on my page, but I also had a difficult time with the button part! Sorry I'm computer illiterate when it comes to this stuff! I actually copied your picture into my photos itself and then uploaded from my personal photos in my computer, added it to the picture gadget and linked it to your blog by adding you website in the URL spot. Could you try that? Sorry to have you jump through so many hoops, I'm going to still try to figure out if it's my button.

  20. I always watch that darn silly show. Ben seemed like a doofus I think and in a way his personality seemed to fit Courtney's better than Lindzi but I did like her more.

  21. totally on the same page as you on Ben! Didn't watch the season but tuned into watch the finale...he's just kind of bland to me!


  22. how fun to have a party! i watched the whole season and am not a fan of ben or courtney so i think they kind of deserve each other. ;)