Wednesday, March 14, 2012

forecast of love.

the forecast for the week is full of nothing but rain.
you already know that this thrills me.
i adore the rain.
how could you not?
it cleanses the earth and leaves nature looking rejuvenated.
it adds a fresh scent to the air. sigh.
it sometimes, if we're lucky, creates rainbows.
it forces me to stay indoors and snuggle up to lovebird.
or it forces me to run indoors while holding a stylish umbrella. 
{umbrellas are a rare occasion. and it's unfortunate because they're adorable.}
old movies come out of their hiding.
slippers are my best friend.
i tend to look out the window with hopeful eyes- 
assuring that the rain is indeed still falling.
the sound of pitter-patter is enough to make me giddy. 
driving in the rain is often times scary-
however, isn't it also the most calming sensation?
{what a funny and ironic concept}
and of course, it gives me the excuse to wear my hunter boots.
i'm in love with you, rain.
thanks for falling for me today.
{yes, that pun was intended.} 

hope you are enjoying this lovely spring shower as well.
happy wednesday. 


  1. love, love those hunter boots! great color.
    xx jes

    ps sent you my button!

  2. 71 here today! I enjoy the sunshine much more than the rain I must admit! Although rain is great for naps!

  3. Nothing is better than curling up with my husband and a movie while it is raining. This is such a beautifully written post.

  4. I know I'm loving the rain too Perfect reason to stay inside and be cozy =) I love your boots. One day I'll get a pair ;)

    - Sarah

  5. I love your blog! I also love the rain:)

  6. i love the rain too:) cute post! xo

  7. I love rainy days too! Cleans and refreshes everything!

  8. Rainy days are the best. I love how the whole world seems quieter, more relaxed when the rain comes.

  9. it is the best feeling to be on a roadtrip in the rain and fall asleep to it :)

  10. "while holding a stylish umbrella" this sounds so brilliantly Mary Poppins to me -and I love Mary Poppins and a stylish umbrella!! Cheers to some rain!

  11. i mean i know how good the rain is for the earth, but i just love the sun. i was born and raised a las vegas girl and we have been in a drought since as long as i can remember. the rain depresses me. but as long as it makes you happy then thats what matters :)


  12. Maybe I would like the rain better if I had those boots ;)

    I do love a good rainy day if I can stay inside though. Curled up with a book, and candle light, and warm green tea, and a blankie. Just listening to the rain on the window. That's a rainy day I can handle.

  13. i love the rain, i sleep so good hahah :X

  14. I love that when it rains I get to pull out my bright yellow rain boots! So cheery on such a dark rainy day!

  15. If you like rain you should live over here in the UK, lets just say we see plenty of it and your wellies would definitely be well used.

  16. I LOVE rain and it's so nice to find somebody else who does too! Most people blog about summer and beautiful spring days so I really appreciate your post. A lovely testament to winter and all things cold and cosy :)

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

    PS I just adore those boots and have Wellingtons as a wishlist on my blog post today!

  17. you are adorable! i am obsessed with your blog, following now! Yay for new blogging friends
    xxo em

  18. i LOVE the rain too! one of the things i look forward to for spring!

  19. I'm with you! I love the rain, and in Colorado, I could do with a little more rain and a little less snow.

  20. LOVE your blog! how much do you charge for advertising? i'd love to know!

  21. those green hunter boots - {sigh} they are beautiful!
    i really need to invest in a pair for these rainy texas winters :)

    you are so adorable!

    tiana of l'esthetique

  22. I Love the rain too....!!! in fact it's getting ready to rain here now- haha! Anyway thank you for your sweet comment the other day! I am now officially a new follower! XO


  23. i LOVE the rain too! good thing, since i'll be heading out to live in Seattle with my almost hubby very soon! :) (our wedding is March 30! we head to WA together on April 2nd!!!) i can't wait for snuggly days in drinking tea/coffee/cocoa and cozying up with my soldier!

  24. i love the rain! we had some here in rexburg and it reminded me of my home in seattle. your hunter boots are adorable btw! i have to get some of those myself!