Monday, March 5, 2012

dear monday:

{picture: lovebird picking me up from the airport the other night.}

monday has rolled around yet another time.
what is it about mondays that we all dread?
is it the mere fact that its the first day after the weekend?
monday has the words reality and work written all over it. 
especially this monday.
lovebird is on spring break.
i am not. off to school i go.
lucky for him. he gets a week full of nothing but fun. 
{okay, and work.}
it's kind of crazy that it's already that time of year to start having spring break.
i feel like i was just wrapping presents for christmas.
due to our different schedules, we obviously don't have grand plans of going anywhere.
but, i wouldn't want it any other way;
because this means that we get to actually see each other this week.
he will be home during my "in-between moments" of work/dance/school.
we'll have a spring break full of cuddles, cadbury eggs and conversations.
although, i'm curious...
what are your plans for spring break?
tell me you are living it up for us who can't.
i'd love to hear what you have in mind.
maybe that way, i could vicariously live an exotic spring break through you.
deal? awesome, thanks.


  1. i wish i still got a spring break!
    but thanks for reminding me about cadbury eggs.
    i know what i'll be having for lunch for the rest of spring.
    xx jes

  2. Just got back from my spring break, which, fun fact, they call "Reading Week" here in Canada. But, let's be serious, who actually reads during reading week?

  3. i so wish i had spring break! such a gorgeous photo of the two of you!

  4. i came for spring break and my parents left for florida! but at least i'm off from school :)

  5. Awww well I hope you to enjoy what time you have together on his break =)

    - Sarah

  6. I don't get a spring break at all. Instead I get 13 hours of school everyday...yay me! Haha I'll be dreaming of the sunshine and waves. :)

  7. your man brings flowers when picks up from the airport??! wow lucky girl! i get a drive by n' jump in pick up! lol, but i'm serious.

    xxo, vanessa (the gal)

  8. oh gosh, i am right there with you girl. i can't believe that it's already march and spring break is around the corner. of course the mister doesn't get that at BYU :(
    oh, and still LOVING your hair!
    xo TJ

  9. Aww that's too bad you aren't on spring break at the same time! My spring break doesn't start until the last week of this month! I'm getting the heck out of Florida though! I live by the beach, and being around here during spring break is a BAD idea! I'll be headed to Tennessee for hiking, white waterrafting, and all kinds of fun stuff! Yay!
    xo Heather

  10. i'm right there with ya, wishing for a fab getaway for break.. at home i rest! enjoy your separate breaks, together.:)

    ps still looooving your dark hair!! so glam.

  11. I'm in the same boat! How I'd love to have spring break right about now, though I still have a month to go til then! xo

  12. I haven't had a shool/work break since good ol' 05'!!!! aghh I miss them Oh so much.

    For spring break though, I'm dog sitting a HUGE pitbull and running away to the beach if all possible...

  13. I'll be wishing I could live it up, right along with you (:

  14. this spring break i am flying home from school to visit my family and boyfriend. long distance relationships are tough and it's going to be nice enjoying it with him and my friends~ :)

  15. i haven't had spring break in years - hehe - but this week and next i'll be in PHX and ATL so def some traveling is happening!

    but happy for you guys that you have those in between moments to enjoy together. :)