Tuesday, March 6, 2012

little lists.

as of right now:

i love these things:
1. clean sheets. 
if i could, i'd wash them every day.
just so i can climb into that fresh scent and crisp texture each night. 
2. urban decay lip gloss/stick.
3. grapefruits for breakfast.
{i eat a whole one every morning.}
4. blossoms on the trees in the orchards.
spring is on it's way here!

i miss these things:
1. little brother.
2. having a body of a 16 year old.
i miss being able to physically bounce right back to dance
day after day without any aches and pains.
3. my grandma.
but, i miss her every day.

i have a crush on these things:
1. this girl has it perfect.
{i love the hair, lip color, and barely-there eye makeup.}
2. i would love to get my hands on these
just the letters that spell our last name.
i've had my eye on them for quite sometime- i need them, please.
3. olay lotion.
oh, i'm in love. my skin is in love too.

i don't like this these things:
1. immature drama.
2. feeling so behind in my homework and reading.
{thanks to going out of town. yikes.}
3. pasta with red sauce. 
call me crazy. i don't know why.
i 'm just not feeling it now days. i hope it's just a phase.

i am craving these things:
1. mcdonald's ice cream cones.
best $.89 you'll ever spend.
2. broccoli, carrots, celery and a bell pepper for lunch.
this is an odd craving coming from me.
but, i've had it for a week straight now. yummy.
3. cuddle time with lovebird.
but, when am i not craving that?

these things sum up my every day life right now. 
the good, the bad and the wants.
happy tuesday.


  1. love these lists! especially the mcdonald's ice cream cones. most underrated gems, ever.
    xx jes

  2. I love urban decay lip gloss too!! and ya mcdonalds ice cream <3

  3. Mcds cones are so yummy! I remember when I was younger we would go get the 29 cent hamburgers and 10 cent kitty cones as a special treat with my mom (I feel old saying that but I guess it would be like 15 years ago).

  4. these lists are always great!! i love urban decay...anything. and i'm sorry about the immature drama. also, i just wanted to say that i empathize with you missing your brother and here's hoping the two years goes by quickly!!! even though my brother has 6 more years before he goes on a mission, i already know i'm going to have the hardest time with it because i have a hard time when he goes on scout camps, even the over-nighter ones! there's just something different and wonderful about the bond between a big sister and a little brother. love that you have that relationship with your brother.

  5. great list of things totally love the one with the blankets:-) and you really can read my blot there is always an english translation at the end. just because you wrote you wish you could.

    lots of love cherrybee


  6. missing little brothers is the worst. my brother just finished in the brazil mtc and is in his first area and i constantly worry every minute.

    also, mcdonald's cones are the best. did you know they are low fat ice cream?! dreamy.

  7. I agree with McDonalds! Thanks for sharing. I will def. do this sometime in the future. Have a good one.

  8. thank you for your sweet comment! i follow you too, but i can' t see you in my followers! can you check, please?
    thank! a big kiss!
    Ps i wait you in italy!

    Miriam stella

    is fashion my Passion? the MiriamStella's Blog

  9. Love this post! So cute! I love how you go from ice cream cones to veggies... haha! I figured that wasn't normal even before I finished reading what you had to say about the veggies...
    And I always prefer a cheesy sauce on my pasta, but my fiance loves red sauce. I told him that when we get married and he decides to cook dinner, he better be sure to include some big meat balls in there!!!
    Thank you for visiting my blog! Come back again!!!
    Luvv, Leigh B

  10. Such a fun list :) That girls make up is perfectttt!

  11. just found your blog! I love if you would come check out mine, and maybe we could follow each other?

  12. Cute! Those Anthropologie cups are great; I have one for me and one for my hubs hanging over our stove in the kitchen by some anthropologie letter hooks. Cheap and cute! Love your blog...found you via The Happy Hour.