Friday, March 16, 2012

never new how much joy could fill a little mailbox.

dear mailman: you always make my day.
all good things come in the mail.
and this week our mailbox has been full of nothing but just that.
{good things, happy notes, and surprise packages.}
1. another sweet hello and happy letter from little brother.
he's happy and doing well. what a relief.
2. a st. patrick's day package from the leprechaun.
{also known as: the best mother in the world}
full of all things green:
shoes, shirts, treats, gold coins, a pair of earrings, letters, and a little bird vase.
3. a much anticipated package from fedex.
which carried a little gem from oc tanner in it.
{another pun intended}

we are happy over here when our mailbox surprises us.
we usually only get lots of adds, random mail and bills.
but this week was an exception to that rule.
and we are feeling loved.

and the biggest lesson learned from this:
i need to send mail more often.
even if its just a postcard or small little note saying hello.
why? because if it brings so much joy to me-
why not share that with those you love.
make someone's day and send them a quick note.
it only takes words and 41 pennies. 
you won't regret it.
and they will love you forever.

happy friday, dear friends. 
i'd love to send you a little love note in your mailbox.
email me your address! 


  1. How exciting! Mail is so much fun!! It's my favorite :)
    xo Heather

  2. I love getting mail! My mom and grandma always send the best packages! =)

  3. ooooh i LOVE snail mail. cute post! emailing you now. :) xoxo

  4. I love getting mail and yet rarely send it anymore. Good idea to send even just a note!

  5. Getting personal letters and packages in the mail is the best! It always seems to brighten up your day.

  6. Okay this is too cute! I love the Lepercaun idea! Xo Tiff

  7. Oh I feel the same way about mail! Snail mail may be slow, but it's definitely worth it. =)

  8. I just came across you blog today - new follower! I love snail mail too! I always send my friends birthday cards.

  9. letters are so special. love.

  10. my close girl friends and i send snail mail cards to each other once a month or so! always a nice surprise. and there's always something to look forward to, even if it's just a hallmark card with the picture of a puppy on it!
    xx jes

  11. I know the feeling! Now that we've moved miles away, I LOVE receiving holiday packages from my mom (and I think she loves putting them together with little goodies). My brother turns 21 in April and I'm having a blast putting together a birthday package to surprise him with.
    Yay, snail mail! :)

    Left brain, right brain, pug brain.

  12. My hubby and I also live in a different state than our families do. We tend to get tons of junk mail so it really makes my heart smile when we get a little happy in our mailbox!

  13. Mail is amazing!! I always get excited to see mail, maybe not bills though :(

  14. You are such a fabulous couple!! Loving your blog! Newest follower :)


  15. ooh...I really like your blog! Wonderful post;)

    I am doing a survey of bloggers, and I want to ask you a couple of questions.)
    1.) How old are you?
    2.) How old is your blog?
    3.) Why you created a blog?
    4.) How long you plan to carry it?

    In the earlier, thanks!

  16. Such a lovely post. can you send to Norway? =)
    Followed. And maybe you'll stop by me someday.

  17. I just found your blog and am totally in love. I share the same love for snail mail, it's like Christmas only better because you never know when it's coming!

  18. I can definitely relate to everyone here; I love mail, but especially packages :). took practically everyone's love for snail mail and made a business out of it. What a great idea.

  19. Just found your blog through Denise and must say I can't wait to keep reading! Surprise packages ARE the best : )


  20. Best day ever for you, no? GREEN EVERYWHERE! P.s. The mailman never brings me anything. Literally.

  21. Isn't mail just wonderful! I need to take note to send more love letters in the mail. xoxo A-