Thursday, March 15, 2012

this is indeed magical.

the nerd inside me is about to be released. 
brace yourself.
{let me first fill you in a little bit.}
i am a die-hard fan when it comes to classical music.
which, is no wonder considering i take and teach piano.
and of course, dance to it every day.
however, i came upon a little discovery that isn't exactly "classical" music.
in fact, it is harry potter music.
and i am completely in love with it.
i would be lying if i said i have only watched this a few times.
because let's be honest, i watch it a few times every other hour. 
okay, okay..
i won't keep you waiting any longer.
here you go: enjoy!
{be certain to watch the whole thing.} 

it's not the harry potter part i'm obsessed with.
it's the brilliance of the piano and this pianist. 

i'm already guessing you harry potter fans are in love.
and those of you out there who appreciate and know the piano 
still have your jaw dropped in awe. 

happy thursday.
glad i could share a little brilliance and music with you.

p.s. if you nerdy like me: check out this one too. it's pirates! so incredible.  


  1. So beautiful! I love it too, thanks so much for sharing :)

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

  2. PS I had my little dog sitting with me on the couch while I played the music and she was captivated too!!

  3. i am obsessed with harry potter!!!!
    xx jes

  4. I am dying! I can't even... HOW?? I've been playing for years and my fingers just don't move like that. WOW!! Definitely in love!

  5. Beautiful, the hubby loves Harry Potter will have to show him this. Xx

  6. Beautiful! I love love love Harry Potter,definitely one of my all time faves forever.

  7. That is insane!! I'm a big fan of The Piano Guys! Amazing talent!!

  8. Oh my goodness! That is absolutely incredible.

  9. I'm watching HP as I write this. It's an HP weekend on ABC Family! xoxo A-

  10. OMG. Is that even real!? Seriously.. that's amaaaazing. I'm so in awe right now!

  11. I am also watching Harry Potter on ABC Family =) . Also, if you make a Pandora station using Harry Potter as the source, it is amazing. Lord of the Rings also makes a wonderful Pandora station. The music is unbelievably good.

  12. ahhh i love the piano and i love harry potter. i seriously love love love the piano, i really love jazz piano, but i just love the piano. sorry ive said that a million times. thanks for sharing :)


  13. Yep, you're right, this HP fan is in love!

    P.S. I'm hosting a fabulous Shabby Apple giveaway, stop by and enter to win the beautiful Dressage dress!

  14. Holy cow, that was fabulous!!! Definitely makes me want to practice the piano more...His Pirates of the Caribbean was great too!!

  15. Wow! Both videos are amazing. They make me feel like dancing!

  16. I adore classical music especially on my drive home from work. I tune into Classic FM and unwind. The Harry Potter theme is pretty cool

  17. WOW amazing videos and I simply love the music. I'm a HUge Fan of all things Happr Potter. I love your blog. You and your hubby are so stinkin cute. :)
    stop and visit me when you can

  18. I knew there was a reason I felt drawn to you and your blog! Yes, this is amazing! I took piano 10+ years. I currently have two pianos from grandparents that were passed down to me... and their at my parents home because we've moved apts so much -golly this makes me want to be the year they finally come home to me! Thanks for sharing!

  19. That is super awesome. His fingers were on fire =)