Thursday, April 26, 2012

he's golden.

golden birthday:
a person's birthday when they turn the age of their date of birth.
today is lovebird's golden birthday.
{can i get a woot woot?}
we plan on spending the morning together doing something birthday-ish.
{given the fact we both work/dance from 12-10. lame, right?}
i'm thinking breakfast in bed or an early lunch date...?
one thing is for certain: no matter how late we get home,
we will have a feast of gelato, because that's lovebird's favorite. 

remember this birthday and then this one?
i can't believe he's 26 already.
or the fact that it's been over two years since i met lovebird.
it feels like yesterday when we: 
were giddy in love as we explored our city together.
{san francisco is where we fell madly in love}
 spent our evenings skyping due to our long distance relationship,
took turns hoping on a plane just about every weekend or so to visit each other. 
planned our wedding and indulged in a romantic honeymoon.
moved into our little home, jumped into new schools and jobs and made new friends.
which brings us to now...
lovebird is growing up. 
26 will be a good year- i can feel it in my blood.
big decisions are about to be made.
good thing they say golden birthdays bring a lucky year-
hopefully we'll have luck on our side as we plan our little future. 
26 sounds old, but oh-so young at the same time.
we have a lifetime of love to look forward to.
and that my friends, is what i look forward to most.
the fact that lovebird is mine and will be forever.
i'm excited to celebrate many more birthdays together.
all i know, is winnie the pooh said it best:
"if you live to be one hundred, i want to live to be a hundred minus one day so i never have to live without you."

to him:
happy golden birthday!
you are my everything:
my "shugg", my better half, my lover, 
my "shorter" half, my companion, my source of laughter, 
my inspiration, my partner in crime, my shoulder to cry on...
but most of all you are my best friend.
have the happiest of birthdays today. 
i love you.


  1. Happy Birthday to the Golden Boy too. =)

  2. Happy Birthday! I just wrote a birthday post for my own and my age is now 30!! Feels so strange leaving my twenties so consider 26 to be young :)

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

  3. yes! happy birthday to the golden boy. 26. that's a good number.

  4. Happy golden birthday to the love bird! I won't have mine until next year and the hubby had his when he was 2 so I'm not sure he got the most out of his big golden day :(

  5. Happy birthday! Hope it is lovely for both of you!

  6. Happy Birthday to him! I hope it's absolutely fabulous!!

    I've already had my golden birthday at the age of 10, and my own love bird had his two years ago when he turned 23...I wish I had known to make special celebrations out of these things. I love a party!

  7. thats so exciting! sadly my husbands golden birthday was when he was 3, so i didn't know him quite yet, probably because i was barely born. haha. anyways, good luck and have a fantastic day!


  8. Happy birthday Joel! I can't believe these boys are getting so old. He shares the 26th with it! Have fun celebrating.

  9. Love his pic!! Happy birthday!! And 2012 does seem like a pretty good year :)

  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY :) hope you both have a great day!

  11. Happy Happy Day to your better half! Love that image!!!

  12. Happy birthday! It's my birthday too(:

  13. Happy 26th birthday to him! Hope you guys have a wonderful day today! xo

  14. You are too sweet....I love reading your both have found true, hard to find, love! Make my heart happy! Love that pic of him!! Looks like a Hallmark card!
    Giveaway @ Because Shanna Said So

  15. what a sweet post! happy birthday to him :) I love celebrating birthday's with my boyfriend there always SO fun. Enjoy your gelato.


  16. Woot woot! :) I hope 26 is an amazing year for him! My golden birthday was when I was 6, so I wasn't fully aware of how much I should be enjoying it :P

  17. Stop it with that ADORABLE picture of le hubs. I adore it!

  18. Happy Birthday! How exciting! I hope that all the years together you have to come are just as golden :)

    p.s. props to you both for enduring the long distance relationship. I'm there right now. Skyping, phone calls, and weekend visits... Can't wait until we're finally together!


  19. how fun! happy birthday to your hubs!

  20. AW! That was so sweet. Happy birthday to your man! Hope you all have fun

  21. Happy Happy Happiest Birthday to your lovebird :)

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  23. Love the photo. You two are super-duper cute together. Birthdays are fun. Enjoy it!

    You had to be there

  24. I hope you both have a great day celebrating his 26! :)
    Happy birthday

  25. Happy birthday to your lovebird! My golden year was when I turned 6. I can't remember a thing! Haha, enjoy the special day together! XO

  26. oh happy golden birthday to him! how fun. you two are cute. i know this because i just stalked the snot out of your darling blog. let's be friends? mmkay. lovely.

  27. yay for golden birthdays!!! a very happy birthday to your man! :)

  28. What a super sweet post! Happy birthday to your husband! Golden birthdays are the best!!

  29. This is so sweet! I hope your husband had a wonderful birthday and that you two had a great time celebrating! Here's to a great year ahead :)

  30. happy bday to him! we call it a Champagne Birthday here... i've never heard it called a Golden Birthday! i kinda like that better!
    xo dana

  31. Happy birthday to your husband! Such a sweet post :) Cheers to you two!