Wednesday, April 11, 2012

mothers are priceless.

okay, i'm in big trouble.
and i mean big trouble.
you see, when you don't typically have a mom around to 
do all things girly and fun... you don't spend much money.
it's the normal: grocery shopping and saturday date night with lovebird.
however, when you do have your mom around...
that story changes. big time. 
with the combination of it being spring break {free time} and
the fact that i live in a place surrounded by fabulous shopping in every direction,
it's a little hard to not spend money. 
or should i say, it's too easy to spend money?
wether it be spent on clothes, accessories, diet cokes, lunches, decorations...
it all adds up. and it adds up quickly, might i add.
lovebird is about ready to hide my little wallet.
however, as much fun as it is to spend money on a new outfit,
there is nothing like "spending" time with my mom.
we are best friends.
and have been for as long as i can remember.
i was in need of a little mother-daughter time to reboot my engine.
she sometimes feels too far away from me.
being in her arms these last few days has been lovely.
yes, most definitely- spending hours shopping, drinking diet cokes,
reading, laughing until our bellies hurt, going on lunch dates
and running errands has been the absolute blast.
but, simply being in the company of my mom is worth far more than
any outfit, diet coke, decoration or pair of shoes i could buy.
i love her dearly.

p.s. i'm back to "normal" blogging on thursday.
and stay tuned i have an awesome giveaway coming up! 


  1. Aren't moms the best. I told my mom I would die if she ever moved more than an hour away.

  2. glad you got to spend some time your with your mama :)
    and yes, shopping always has to get done when they are around. it just comes with the territory.

  3. first of all, your mom is gorgeous. really. and second, go spend that money! mom/daughter relationships are made for spending money. life is too short. (don't tell your husband that i told you to do this)

  4. how sweet! you and your mom look amazing in the b&w pic-classic!

    have a wonderful day!

  5. adorable! my mom and me are EXACTLY the same way!
    the bestest of friends <333

    happy wednesday!

  6. Aw! There is no replacement for a mom, they have the most special place in our hearts!

  7. That's such a pretty photo of you and your mom :)
    We tend to do the same thing here...when visitors arrive, we start spending waaay too much money shopping, going out to eat, etc. But money's obviously replaceable, so I say splurge away on those lunch dates where you get to have quality time with your mom! :)

    Left brain, right brain, pug brain.

  8. That's so sweet! Mother-Daughter shopping trips are the best. There's nothing like it.

    This Talking Bird

  9. Beautiful picture of you and your mom! Sounds like you are having a wonderful time with her. I'm the exact same way with my mom and cherish our relationship sooo much. Fortunately she's only 30 mins away so I get to see her often.. can't imagine living far away like that. Glad you got your momma time to reboot your engine!! :)

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  10. My mom is my shopping partner in crime. Cant imagine living far away from her!


  11. momma's are the best! & you & your mom are beautiful!

  12. Moms are the best. I'm so blessed to live so close to mine, I can't imagine living far from her. But I can imagine how sweet your reunions are!

  13. That is so sweet! And, how nice to have that time to spend with her!

  14. This sounds EXACTLY like my mom and I :) It seems like you had a lovely time!

  15. Moms are THE BEST! ;)


    PS, I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested :)

  16. I spend way too much money when I'm with my mom too, but I really enjoy the time that we spend together. Have fun with your mom darling!


  17. What a lovely picture. Your mom is very lovely. I love hearing stories like this. It inspires me to be a better mom and spend time with my kiddos. I don't have a mom, (long story) but it's nice to see that there are wonderful and beautiful moms out there. ♥

  18. Moms are the best! I still feel badly about how long it took me to start appreciating her...

  19. you're mom seems so sweet. i can see where you get that quality from.

  20. My mama is priceless to me. Glad you got to spend a little time with yours. I enjoy every minute when mine is here visiting us. And I'll tell you what- god-mama's are a very close second! :)

  21. I know what you mean! I don' spend alot of money all the time but when my mom and sisters are around...there is no self control!!

  22. So true! My Mom and I are very close, and even though I'm married now and am a mama myself, I still need her! Sometimes you just need a mama-hug. Those are the best! :)

  23. Great post!! ^^

  24. Moms are seriously the best... this is the sweetest post, by the way. Makes me miss my mommy so much! Maybe I should book a trip home soon ;)

  25. i SO know how this is!!! my mom and i love to shop/eat/see movies/etc with each other and we do not help each other save money. gotta love mom/daughter time.

  26. this is such a sweet post. & is so true! i'm the same way with my mother & every time we're together, it somehow seems to be shooooopping time! love it! xo