Thursday, April 12, 2012

recap through pictures.

my mom's visit through the eyes of my instragram. 
 the week with my mom went a little like this:
{in no paticular order}
1.the two of us in our matching ray bans. 
thank goodness we live in two different states. 
2.ranuculous flowers. simply my favorite.
thank you walnut creek, for planting them everywhere. diet cokes. or rather the perfect size.
what could be better? 
4.just my mom, "being a little midge."
inside joke between our little family.
5.mac lip stick. i could never have too many shades.
6.a delicious pick me up during our eight hour shopping streak.
7.yesterday's books: a used bookstore here in town.
aka: my mom's second home on earth. {arguably her favorite home.}
8.we were on a quite the search for the "perfect" purse this week. 
i fell in love with this one. {my birthday is coming up. hint hint.}
9.not-even-a-day-old kitty.
i about died. if only i could convince lovebird we needed him. 
10.the most delicious artichokes for easter dinner.
as sick as he was, even lovebird snarfed one down. they were that good. 

well, that's a wrap.
it was a lovely trip and now it's back to reality...
which, thankfully it's still spring break! 

instragram user name: eleasejane 


  1. Looks like yall had a blast :)
    Have a great week!

  2. Mom/daughter time is the best! And I LOVE those sunglasses...a lot! That used bookstore is so cute, I could spend allll day in any bookstore :)

  3. Aw! I love hanging with my Mom. She's 6 hours away for now, so we Skype pretty much every chance we get. Glad you enjoyed your time together :) Following you!


  4. looks like you had fun with your mom!

    where on earth did you find a day old kitten? he is so tiny and precious! (you should absolutely bring him home!)


  5. I just brought some ranunculus home to my mom! We love them! Also, We call my mom mudge and my sister midge!
    This looks like such a fun weekend!

  6. That bookstore is a dream.

    I love inside family jokes.

    Hooray for time spent with Mom! :)


  7. Love the brown hair on you! I've been blonde my whole life and just started thinking about going darker :)

  8. looks like a fantastic week. there are so many great things about mothers coming in town. i definitely love that bag and you do need a kitten and so do i. lol


  9. looks like a blast! you & your mom are two beautiful ladies! :)

  10. Love MAC lipsticks! I also love the fact that you put them all on your hand to try them out ;) Good idea!

  11. I love that purse you picked - very cute!! :)

  12. I love Mom visits! Looks like you had a blast :)

  13. eight hour shopping streak??? my feet are hurting at the thought!
    looks like you two had fun :)

  14. Love you and your cute mom! So glad she got to come visit you. Miss you!

  15. i love when you posted the kitty. so so cute!

  16. eight hours shopping? i think i would be dead tired and broke after that kind of shopping! but what a fun time with your mom!!

  17. your momma is too cute! mom's are just the best aren't they! we are going to be neighbs... well sort of!

  18. p.s. i just saw you have a button... i think I'm going to snag it! hopefully i can figure it out since it took me like ten years to make one! i'm sort of the worst tech person ever!

  19. Great pictures!
    I'm obsessed with instagram!
    Thanks for the comment --want to follow each other?

  20. You and your blog are darling! Newest follower :)

  21. I just found your blog! Newest follower! And I just started following you on instagram since I'm absolutely obsessed, lol.

  22. Looks like you guys had a ton of fun :) Cute pictures!


  23. Super cute pics. Specially the one with the kitty cat! So glad you had a sweet time with your lovely Mom. I love MAC as well and I agree with you that you just can't have too many lipsticks. Happy Thursday!

  24. Such cute pictures! Looks like you had a blast with your mom! Aren't those trips so sweet!
    New Follower! Looking forward to getting to know you through your blog! :)

  25. My dad loves artichokes so we ate them all the time growing up. Love your about page, too cute!

  26. Love your blog! You have so much personality! I can tell that I will be visiting this site a lot! :)

  27. love used book stores. Just stopped by one yesterday in my town. And that kitty is adorable! please tell me it'll be yours soon? haha.

  28. Awww I love the photo of you and your Mom with matching sunglasses! So sweet.
    I just found your blog and I love it! Happy to be your new follower :)

  29. Looks like so much fun!
    ♥ Kyna

  30. how fun! gotta love that special girls time with mama:-) xoxo

  31. SO fun! I love the picture of your hand by all the MAC lipstick :)
    My mamma is coming to visit us soon. This post got me really excited.

    Your blog is adorable.
    Love it already!

  32. Look at you and your mom in matching sunniest! Love it!!


  33. Cute pictures, your mom sounds really nice! And it looks like you had a bunch of fun. I would have cried leaving that little kitty! haha

  34. hey dear, i am interest with your blog <3
    mind to follow each other? <3


  35. love following you on instagram. you are just adorable girl.
    and all those lipsticks are making me happy! gorgeous!!
    xo TJ

  36. Aw...looks like you and your mom had a great time! I love that you have matching shades. And a day old did you resist?!

  37. im adoring the matching ray bans :) you guys are soo beautiful!

  38. Love instagram. I am totally addicted and now have one more person to follow! So cute!

  39. What a fun trip! You look SO pretty in the pics!
    Intagram.... love it! Are we friends? CourtBrink

  40. Looks like a great trip!!! Love hanging with my mom!!