Monday, May 7, 2012

done and done.

the season has come to a close.
{this phrase might be foreign to those outside of the ballet word}
i am officially as free as a bird.
my afternoons and evenings won't consist of five hour rehearsals.
{at least for a few months}
it's time to celebrate.

here are the first five things on my "to do" list now that dance is over:
1. hit the spa, duh.
as in get a pedicure to remove my calluses and cover my bruised toenails,
and paint my fingernails a funky-bright color.
{i've been dying to do these both for a couple of weeks now}
2. spend my evenings with lovebird.
this never happens, and i mean never.
i plan on cooking lots of dinners so we can eat 
at a normal hour instead of at 10:00.
cuddle on the couch, watch movies and eat gelato.
and get planning our little trip that is coming up oh-so-soon. 
3. soak up some vitamin d.
simply sit by our pool, relax, drink lemonade and read a book not related to school.
all, of course, while getting a healthy dose of the sun.
i repeat: healthy.
{i've decided getting a nice golden tan is officially lame and stupid.}
4. study for finals.
i realize this isn't so fun...
however, i'm excited to see what school is like without having to stress
and juggle homework and studying around 40 hours of dance each week. 
{not to mention, teaching piano and my other little job.}
5. clean our little home.
you'd think a tornado had come and gone through our little place.
{rather a tornado of busyness, school, stress and lack of extra time.} 
i'm a clean freak... and it's driving me crazy.
but now, with a little spare time i've already fantasized about being cinderella.
let's face it: i enjoy cleaning.
and i enjoy nothing more than the sight of a clean home.

well, there you have it.
there's my recipe to a celebration at the moment.
i'm looking forward to catching up on all the fun things
that i've missed on your lovely blogs while i've been busy performing.
{i'll post pictures of the show soon- i promise}

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  1. Sounds so lovely. Have fun!

  2. weekend cleaning for me as well. goodness did our house need it. there is nothing better than having a clean house though. well, there is, but it's pretty great.

  3. congrats, your celebration sounds lovely!
    xo. tara

  4. Have a nice break! Enjoy that pedicure!!

  5. enjoy your pedi and vitamin D doll!

  6. This is a great list and a well deserved break for you! Enjoy it! :)

  7. enjoy your break! it sounds like it's much needed :)

  8. congrats! its so awesome to get some extra time! sounds like the perfect list!


  9. enjoy your new free time!


  10. I would like to do all those, minus #4!!! I may replace that with NOT working. LOL! xoxo A-

  11. I just finished with finals, but good luck with yours! Hope you find time to enjoy your break. I'm sure it's much needed! xo

  12. I like the whole sitting by the pool, drinking lemonade, reading a book & soaking up the sun part. I do so love doing that!

  13. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures from your show =)

    I love cleaning too!!

  14. That accordion lady is too great. XD

  15. Congratulations! That's got to be an amazing feeling!

  16. Enjoy your celebrating! You definitely deserve some rest and relaxation!


  17. I am right along with 1,2,3, and 5!

    Let the summer begin!