Friday, May 4, 2012

sharing the stage for the last time.

tonight is opening night of 
romeo & juliet.
so happy the performance is almost here.
we've been rehearsing for what feels like forever,
and nothing beats the thrill of finally performing.
as happy as it will be to do what i love most in life,
tonight may cause a few tears to fall.
it's my best friend's last performance with the company.
he's been more than just a best friend to me,
he's been my everything in life.
{and i can even say he's been my romeo.}
i'm happy for his adventures that will soon come his way
and for the new chapter in life he's about to begin. 
i'm forever thankful for the memories we've shared on stage together,
the diet cokes we've laughed over, and the countless days
we have spent in the company of one another.
i love you joe.
good luck on your last performance as romeo,
you will be nothing short of the best. 

{here's a little teaser of our show!}
bet you didn't know i could sword fight.
{more like fence, but sword fighting sounds more impressive}

grab your ticket to the show now! 

one last thing:
giveaway winners announced!
{drum roll please}
the giveaway winner of a print from haley's shop is: 
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  1. OH my gosh! I wish I could come see it :) So amazing, you are so talented! Best of luck!

  2. so wish i could see this! i'm sure it will be bittersweet for joe, but what an amazing night!

  3. You look so beautiful!! If I was anywhere near you I'd come see it in a heartbeat. Break a leg! (please not literally) :)

  4. awww such a sweet post!! hope your show is fantastic tonight!! {i like that you can say he's your romeo haha!} xoxo

  5. Sweetness :) I'm sure it all will be absolutely perfect in the most perfect kinda way!

  6. How lovely it is to be a real life ballerina! :)

  7. oh i loved the teaser! thanks for sharing with us :)

  8. You will be amazing - how sad your best friend is having his final performance though - I hope you can keep the tears in check

  9. The teaser is very cool. I've always been in awe of ballet. Have a fantastic opening night, and Break a leg!

  10. what cute pictures! break a leg tonight! it looks amazing and i would love to be there, ballet is such an incredible art form to me.

  11. aw how exciting:) I wish I could go!

  12. You're going to be amazing tonight. I just know it. I saw the video and it looks really exciting. If I didn't live in AZ I would be there. I'm looking forward to hearing all about it! :)

  13. Beautiful pictures! What a great post to your best friend. Cheers to a wonderful last show together!! If you get some time today, check out my Fab Friday Beauty Tip.. added bonus, it's a perfect DIY Mother's Day gift!


  14. Enjoy your last performance to the fullest. I'm SO excited that I won!! Emailing you now :)

  15. I wish I could go! It sounds like so much fun! Great pictures too!

  16. You guys are THE cutest couple. So awesome that you two get to play Romeo and Juliet together.


  17. you are absolutely beautiful. i am so happy that you had the opportunity to do this together! happy heart. xo.

  18. Enjoy your last performance! ;)

  19. I love how you guys combined stage combat with dance. Very cool~

  20. Aw how exciting! I hope the performance was fantastic! And you had so much fun!