Thursday, May 31, 2012

greetings in june.

goodbye may. hello june. 
goodbye school. hello summer. 
goodbye orange nail polish. hello lovely pink
goodbye california home. hello salt lake city home. 
goodbye bachlorettes and bachelors. hello newlyweds galore. 
{thanks to the lovely wedding season in utah}
goodbye america. hello italy.
goodbye being home. hello to foreign adventures.
goodbye familiar people and places. hello unknown excitement.
goodbye ballet season. hello summer break. 
goodbye "up the amp". hello "snob". 
{i'm talking mac lip stick colors, of course}
goodbye to living out of a closet. hello to living out of a suitcase.
goodbye "heavy" makeup. hello summer makeup, or the lack thereof.  
goodbye pasty white. hello sun kissed skin. 
goodbye to books on the shelf. hello to any recommendations?
{i'm desperate. please tell me your favorite book.}
goodbye layers of clothing. hello layers of sunblock.
goodbye tiny fear of flying. hello loooong flight to europe. 
goodbye roots. hello hair appointment. 
goodbye to lovebird for a little chunk of time. hello to romancing in florence. 
goodbye to birthday month. hello to first official month of summer. 
goodbye ballerina toes. hello pedicure.
goodbye never seeing my brothers. hello to lunch dates and tickle time.
goodbye to quite the little road trip. hello salt lake temple being oh, so close.  
goodbye early morning schedule. hello sleeping in. {ops!}
goodbye may. hello june. 

*please link up/refer back to my blog if you carry on with this idea!
i appreciate it and thank you kindly. 
happy june. 


  1. I used to love June (my birthday month too!), but now it's a synonym for exams. :-( So I'm looking forward to July more. :-)

  2. love this post!!! I'm so ready to say goodbye to school - 3 more days!!! and hello weekend!!! have a great one! : )

  3. If you're heading to Italy, I totally recommend Eat, Pray, Love. Even if you've read it, it's totally one of my favorites to read again and again. And she "eats" in Italy. :)

  4. ahh so many great things coming in june. exciting. but utah? salt lake city is slightly better then provo, and i've never been to the salt lake city temple, you should go to a live session! also, i'm so excited for you to go to italy, i'm going to live vicariously through you! just too many good things in this post to mention them all.


  5. i am so happy june is here!! now to celebrate summer!

    have a happy day :)

    xo, amanda

  6. a lot of hellos! so exciting, change is always good :) try Isabel Allende's novels, I love them!

  7. June is my favorite :) Plus it's Paul's birthday month! I hope your June is fabulous...and it sounds like it will be!

  8. I love how everyone is commenting on June... it IS the best month. My birthday month too!

  9. i just love your goodbye/hello posts! so much fun!

    yay for june and for summer!
    have a great weekend!

  10. I love that you clarified what you meant by "Hello, snob" :P
    Happy, happy June to you!

  11. hello june, indeed!

  12. Happy June!

    Seems impossible 2012 is half over - yikes!

  13. Get to my wedding. Now! Can't wait to see you!

  14. Such a cute idea for a post! I love it! And, uh... yeah. Goodbye roots! ;)

  15. so glad to have stumbled across your blog! i'm still dreaming of italy, my favorite place on earth! xo Jacqlyn

  16. Your blog is adorable!!! So sweet you two!

  17. Summer just sounds so much more fun than the rest of the year! I love it!
    Some books on my reading list this summer are the Mistborn series and Les Miserables...unabridged. But I'm already 2/3 of the way through that one so it's really just finishing it. Mistborn is just fun though!

  18. how cute is your blog? I just found you so thought I would say hi! x

  19. loved the whole concept of your blog :) i'll follow you *

  20. Just came across your blog! I hope you will visit mine too! Let me know if you want to follow each other!!

  21. cutest blog ever! we can't wait to be back up closer to you guys and get together in the city! Xo