Wednesday, May 30, 2012

summer lovin'

just a little list of my current obsessions.
summer, obsessions that is:

must have makeup item: blush. i don't go a day without it.  
{currently using and loving this one in "rose lustre" from avon.}
home decor: these anthropologie mugs. 
book: rick steves' travel book for italy, of course. 
beauty product: burt's bees tinted lip balm in honeysuckle
{it's on clearance at target right now. run (literally) and get it!}
go-to clothing item: maxi skirt in any and every color.
summer secret: baby sunscreen. it works like a charm.
snack: these delicious pretzels. holy cow- addicting.
color: orange. i'll sport anything orange. 
activity: laying by the pool.  i feel spoiled. 

random facts of summer, but thought i'd jot them down.
i'm curious, what are your summer obsessions?
do share. 


  1. have a happy summer! This summer I am loving maxi skirts and summer dresses oh and happy bright colors. I am loving beach wave curls too. Oh I love love love summer.

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  3. My husband and I love pretzel chips, we eat them with goat cheese!

  4. LOVE Burt's Bees...and now I'm running to Target...

    and I'm going to do some pool laying today :)

  5. My summer obsessions: braids! water! swimming with the bubbers! flatforms! skirts! frisbee! losing ten pounds!


  6. I'm having a maxi skirt obsession as well!I have eyed those pretzel crisp in the stores for weeks now...glad to hear they're as good as they look.Must try!

  7. I love blush so much! Except I haven't been wearing it lately, just to give my skin a little break! I am in NEED of a maxi skirt! Love those

  8. Great post! I really like the hairstyle in the picture! I think I might try that in the next day or two. Hopefully it looks as good on me. Ha.

    I don't own a maxi dress, and want to get one so badly. I'm seriously on a budget right now though, and don't have cash for extras at the moment. Hopefully before summer ends though!

    My favorite blush is cliniques fresh bloom allover face color in peony. You should definitely try it. It seriously brightens up your face. I tend to only wear it when I'm dressing up though/wearing foundation which is only once or twice a week.

    I'm your newest follower!


    PS: Hope you check out my shabby apple giveaway. It ends today!

  9. i love everything orange too! (orange was the color of our wedding!)

  10. im all about braids this summer.
    also head scarfs cause i hate my hair.
    maxi skirts are a must have.
    oh and sunscreen, duhhhhhhhhh.


  11. Orange definitely seems to be the go-to color this year - I have plenty in my wardrobe. Lovin' it. =)

    I just use Physician's Formula or Almay for blush because I've found that I have to use one that is hypoallergenic - it is actually more of a "bronzer" and I love how it isn't so intense!

  12. I love everything about summer! definitely maxi dresses!

  13. burts and the pool ... you are spoiled. but you deserve it. soak it up!

  14. Hi dear! Your post is really nice and helpful!
    I can not tell you my summer obsessions because summer is my FAVOURITE season and you know, I have too many of them.
    So, I will only tell you once---this is the face masks, you can find them here:
    And that's because I spend the most of the sunny days on the beach, under the greek sun and so [when I go back home] I need to feel the hydration on my skin.

    I want to thank you for visiting my blog and for your wonderful comment :)
    You look pretty cool girl!


  15. I so agree with your "when in doubt add blush" mantra. It's the story of my life and for the first time I am opening up to the color orange and loving it!

  16. As always, I love these little lists! And I've been thinking of that lip balm all day...looks like I'll need to plan a trip on over to Target! Since you asked, I decided to link my summer obsession list up :)