Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"save me a bite".

one thing is for certain:
we had our fair share of dessert this weekend.
actually, it's safe to say solely ice-cream, gelato and frozen yogurt.
what is it with us?
or maybe i should ask, 
what is it with our desire for a cold treat every night at about 9:00?
it's slightly pathetic, but utterly delicious.
we were spoiled by san francisco's finest this past weekend.
 which, if in the area, you must go treat yourself!
{and yes, it's okay to visit all three. we sure did- all within 24 hours of one another.}

1. smitten
unique and tasty ice-cream in hayes valley. 
they literally pour the ingredients in a nifty ice-cream maker right in front of you,
then whip up your individual serving right before your eyes.
flavors change daily due to the ingredients being organic! yum.
{make sure you click the link above- it's fun to watch.} 
a tradition and classic of san francisco. 
plus, it sits in one of my favorite neighborhoods to shop. 
two things you can't go wrong with.
go for the toasted almond if you're taking a stroll down hyde. 
certainly the fanciest way of displaying gelato i've ever seen.
arguably, the tastiest gelato i've had up to date. 
{i can't imagine i'll be saying that much longer- italy is just around the corner. yay!}
their frozen yogurt is to die for too-
a necessary treat if you are on chestnut! 

obviously, we have turned into ice cream, gelato and frozen yogurt connoisseurs. 
perfect timing, considering we arrive in the
land of gelato {italy} in just two weeks. 
some may say it's weird that i'm already anxious to take 
my first bite of pistachio gelato on the streets of florence...
but, what can i say? it's that simple: gelato in florence, italy. 
if only i could bring back a taste for each of you.
as my mom would say, "save me a bite".


  1. you guys are just amazing!
    love this post

  2. I've been to Florence and I'm absolutely sure you're gonna love it! I'm planning a trip to Tuscany in the summer and also can't wait to eat the best gelato in the world.

  3. Excuse for icecream? ALWAYS! Italy? LOVE! : ) x

  4. you guys are so cute! i could use some frozen yogurt right about now especially with it being 90 degrees here!

  5. i'm addicted to it too. froyo, ice cream, gelato ... you name it i want to eat it. i want to visit Italy so badly. can't wait to see all your pictures!

  6. hahahaha. ok to be honest i'm not really a froyo fan, i'm all about ice cream, gelato, and sherbet. but to be honest i'll eat all of. when i went to italy and france i remember i wanted to eat gelato everyday, and i probably did. so excited for you to go.


  7. cream...and frozen yogurt. Yumminess. Wish I lived on that side of the Country...we have a few good ice cream places around her though.

  8. My boyfriend and I eat equally as much frozen yogurt and ice cream! I have to cut us off some days! haha! Adorable picture of you two! Can't wait for your pictures from Italy.

  9. I loooove ice cream too! I'm actually having chocolate ice cream right now :) preggo cravings!

  10. Holy moly. This is making my mouth water--and I'm not even an "ice cream" person! But I would NEVER say no to pistachio in Florence.


  11. I had frozen yoghurt at the cinema last night for no reason, oops. But who doesn't love a frozen treat?

    p.s. now following :)

  12. so cute! I have to admit, I love me some smitten.
    xo from SF,

  13. AWW thank you for sweet words on my blog:) I like yours to and Im following.

    I hope you will follow me also..I have more swedish inspiration for you:)

    have a great week

    LOVE Maria at

  14. yum. i could eat frozen yogurt (with toppings of course) every day and never get tired of it! you guys are so cute! excited to follow your blog and get to know you more! : )

  15. i love frozen yogurt too! Yums :D

  16. Going out for an evening dessert with my sweetie is the best!.....and gilato or frozen yogurt is so yummy <3

  17. Ok, seriously, you guys are too cute for words. And I LOVE that you call your home a nest too! Thanks for stopping by my blog...yours is lovely :)