Wednesday, May 23, 2012

summer at last.

school's out! boo-ya, baby!
{picture taken minutes after my final. such a relief to be done}

tuff finals are finally behind me.
summer has officially begun
 and i'm already celebrating accordingly:
i painted my nails this bright color to embrace my happiness.
i went on a little shopping spree at target.
lovebird's least favorite store, for the mere fact that i'm guaranteed to 
walk out with more items than initially planned for.  {every.single.time}
worked a little, played a little and danced a little.
my bestest friend and her cute hubby arrive today!
they're coming out to visit for the weekend- we are more than stoked. big plans ahead. 
the packing for italy has finally started. slowly, but surely. 
 mac lip stick, maxi skirts and messy braids are my favorite summer trends.
give me anything neon right now and i'll love you forever.
favorite summery product: grapefruit all purpose cleaner
{completely shocked that my favorite product at the moment is in the cleaning department, but it is.}
i'm totally eating everything in sight. 
in my books, that's the number one sign that's it's summertime.

hope you are embracing, celebrating and rejoicing over summertime.
how can you not?
bring on anything summer. i'm ready for you now.


  1. this makes me SO happy it's summer! my favorite is the lavender all purpose, has been for years -- i swear i could huff the stuff! but i won't. have the greatest time with your best friend. NOTHING in this world like best friend visits. :) xo!

  2. That always happens to me when I go to target!! I'm jealous you are going to Italy!


  3. Happy summer to you! Excited to hear about all your exciting plans. And Target rules.

  4. Lucky you for getting a summer break. Super cute picture, I love your glasses :)

  5. Does Target have that effect on everyone? It seems impossible to go in and not grab an armload of things!

  6. this picture is adorable. i love your hair in this picture and those glasses are so cute on you. i love target too, but luckily my husband doesn't hate target...yet...
    as for the packing that sounds like a perfect list to me.


  7. I am a tad bit obsessed with all-purpose cleaner. grapefruit? even better. Congrats on being dooooone!

  8. Summertime is my FAVORITE time of the rocks in so many ways!

  9. My husband feels the same way about Target,but really,whats a girl to do?! Yay for Summer!

  10. Can I just say that I love you and your blog. It's my most favorite.

  11. Yay for summer!! Congrats on finishing! I do believe that Target is one of the best ways to celebrate anything. :)

  12. yay for summer! and congratulations on being done with finals...such a relief i'm sure.

  13. target is the greatest and most dangerous place ever. i've always wanted to go to italy, i'm trying to convince my boyfriend to take me since he used to live there. have a great trip!

  14. Congratulations! SO ready for summer right now! I love your hair colour by the way!!

  15. Yeah for summer! I am cutting open our first summer watermelon tonight. mmmmm... Target and COSTCO, cannot go either place very often. (: I LOVE Italy, have so much fun. Skip down the romantic streets and bridges od Florence for me, okay! (: Oh and also watch a sunset for me.

  16. summersummersummersummersummersummer!!!!!!!!!!! glaaah!! You're gorgeous, btw.

  17. Hooray!!! I love summertime too! It's my absolute favorite time of the year!
    ♥ Kyna

  18. hey ho! you look good girl. summatime!!!

  19. That always happens to me at Target! I have a love/hate relationship with it. I love going but hate how much I always end up spending! Ha. Happy summer!!!


  20. Aw such a great feeling to finish finals. I must check out that grapefruit cleaner. It looks so yummy!

  21. congrats on being done with school! i just found your blog and i think i have fallen in love - you and the hubby are gorgeous together and that picture above about is simply stunning of you. i'll definitely be back and i can't wait to read more :)


  22. great combinations and new proposals

  23. I feel the same why! Scool´s is over wiieeho!! =D

  24. I wish school was already over for me too!
    Your blog looks great :)

  25. Oooh lucky you, I'll have to wait for a while until the holidays.

    By the way, thanks for your comment, you have a great blog! Newest follower. :)

  26. yeah for summer break!! I teach third grade and am 6 school days away from summer - I can't wait!!!! and your picture is adorable. : )

  27. You are too cute! And yay for school being out! Happy to have stumbled across your blog from Jessica Chronicled :)

    xo Shane