Friday, May 11, 2012

"oh, the places you go."

time for an announcement:
we have a little trip planned.
okay, i lie... it's kind of a big trip.
we are going to italy!
i repeat, italy. 
i'll let you in on a deep secret of mine:
traveling to italy has been a big hope, dream and fantasy of mine.
in fact, lovebird originally booked our honeymoon there,
but i vetoed {quite literally, canceled} that grand plan back in the days.
shocking right? 
you see, back then i wanted to enjoy being newlyweds-  we were just barely mr. and mrs.
i wanted my new hubby all to myself as we relaxed on a beach after a crazy summer of wedding planning.
now however, i'm ready for the thrill of italy.
i no longer want to sit and relax on a beach with lovebird-
but rather walk the streets of italy until our feet hurt,
eat gelato until our bellies ache, 
and visit the historical museums, monuments and churches.
i want to eat pasta like lady and the tramp,
travel by train with backpacks making many stops,
and spend every waking minute laughing and exploring with lovebird.
obviously, i am still in the honeymoon/newlywed stage of life.
but, i'm completely okay with that.
what better way to spend our days being madly in love 
than in the romantic cities of italy.
we are beyond excited.

so now, let the recommendations and suggestions begin:
we are looking to anything and everything!
i'd love to hear about your trips, experiences and knowledge of italy!
or if you know of any lovely italian bloggers, please leave the link below! 


  1. oh my gosh. i'm so excited! i love italy. seriously, its fantastic. eat lots and lots of pizza! you have to see everything. just everything. i remember we went to vecenzia or something like that where they are famous for blowing glass and it was awesome! so fun!


  2. that is so exciting! i'm happy for y'all! that is going to be an amazing trip!

  3. Wow! That is such exciting news...I fell in love with Italy last summer when I spent a month in Florence, and I could literally talk on and on (and on) about all the things I loved. There's just so much to see and experience - from historical buildings and sights (some older than the entire North American modern society!!! can you believe it?!), lots of great shopping and incredible food (pasta and gelato - so many kinds of each, you can never get tired of them). So if Florence or Siena (a lovely little town nearby) end up on your itinerary, I'd be more than happy to give you some recommendations!

    Hope you're having a great Friday and wishing you a wonderful week-end!

    PS: Thank you for stopping by my blog a little while ago!

  4. So exciting! I've never been but my husband spent a few months studying over there! I'll ask him his favorite places :)

  5. WOW Italy!! That's awesome! I'm so jealous! I've never been so i can't make any suggestions, but have fun!


  6. I cant wait to read your posts as you travel! I bet you'll have loads of fun. :)

  7. So rad! Hope you guys have fun!

  8. I loved Alghero - it was amazing.
    Rome is awesome, but I tended to think it was a little overrated (hot, smelly, and dirty). BUT. It is definitely home to some amazing places like the Sistine Chapel (a MUST see), Vatican City (also a MUST) etc. etc.
    If you're going in the summer, make sure your knees are covered (not just knee length shorts, but PAST the knee - they're really picky and won't let you into some of the churches if your knees are exposed at all - I learned that the hard way),
    Ahhhh there's so much to do, you will LOVE it!! I'm so excited for you!!!

  9. please bring me! ;) i promise you won't even know i'm there!

  10. Awesome! This trip sounds amazing! My brother just went to Italy for a week and absolutely loved it. :)

  11. ahhhh!! how EXCITING! :) i will definitely live vicariously through your trip! xo

  12. That will be so amazing! Have an awesome time!!

  13. I am so jealous! Can I stow away?? I would love to go to Italy!!! And eat lots of amazing food. And see the beautiful country. Somethings on my list of things to see when I make it to Italy are the Uffizi Gallery, Venice, and the Florence Baptistery where Lorenzo Ghiberti did the bronze relief doors...oh and of course the Sistine Chapel! yeah, my art class rubbed off on me a little bit this semester. :) I can't wait to hear all about your adventures there! I'll use you as my tour guide when I get to go there. :)

  14. Italy is fantastic. Favourite places to visit are Lake Garda, Rome,Vatican city (tip - book a guide for the Sistine chapel as you avoid the three hour queue to get in), Venice, portofino, Positano and the Amalfi Coast. The island of Capri is stunning and a bit further afield is Alghero in Sardinia truly stunning and actually a lot cheaper than mainland Italy. It's where the Italians holiday.

  15. hope you have a wonderufl trip! italy is amazing. definitely recommend the vatican, st peters basilica, spanish steps, the sunflower fields in tuscany, leaning tower, and colliseum. just be careful for the gypsys selling things on the sides of the road. we were warned it was very illegal to purchase things from them. xo- sara

  16. you have to book your tour to see the Last Supper ahead of time... its in Milan... it will change your life

  17. how fun! i love italy so much...favorites were venice and siena. :)

  18. My brother in law lived in Italy for a year on a writing extravaganza, and his wifey went to visit him bunches of times. If you want any of the local lowdown, email me! :)

  19. oh my goodness! so jealous and happy for you. :)

  20. if i could give you any advice, MAKE sure you aren't going to be in the big cities over a Catholic Holiday. Especially to Florence or Rome on such holidays. They close EVERYTHING down, ie all the museums. We almost missed seeing the David and the Sistine bueno.

  21. Ok, just found your blog and I LOVE it! So cute! And traveling to Italy? JEALOUS. Italy is the bomb. Don't miss the trevy fountain, sistine chapel, and all of Rome. I only spent a week there...not nearly enough. Have so much fun!!

  22. I love Italy! You're going to have such a great time. The boyfriend lived there for 3 years so he was my personal tour guide when I went a few years ago. My big piece of advice is to give yourself plenty of time to see the big cities like Rome. We tried to do everything - Venice, Florence, Rome, a weekend in Madrid! - and it was intense. We had about two and a half days in Rome but we were so exhausted we basically just saw the Vatican and Sistine Chapel. I guess I have to wait until next time to see the rest! Also, if you're going to Venice, don't be afraid to let yourself get lost. It's a small enough city so you can do it. When we went, we didn't have any agenda or plans mapped out for the day. We just got off at the train station and roamed the city for hours and hours. It was an awesome little adventure and I'd highly recommend it. :)

  23. Also, the small towns in the Veneto region (around Venice) are pretty spectacular. Bassano del Grappa is beautiful and very historical (and the birthplace of grappa - if grappa's not your thing, try the flavored ones!). Asolo was another one of my faves. When I went in 2009, it had just been voted one of the most peaceful places on earth so of course I had to see it. It's a little town from the middle ages nestled in the mountains and was the home of a lot of poets, actors, and artists from the early 20th century. Pretty sure I want to retire there someday. :)

  24. I just got back from Italy!! You will absolutely love it! Most amazing place. Where in Italy will you be traveling??