Friday, June 15, 2012

bon voyage!

we've been awfully busy:
attending weddings, catching up with family, playing with friends, 
eating out too much, shopping more than lovebird approves,
and getting ready for our big adventure.
it's been such a delightful vacation already, 
i'm actually in awe we still have another three weeks of vacation ahead of us.
we are counting our blessings, and feel oh-so-lucky.

we leave for italy today!
{or as lovebird calls it, "the country of love"}
we are both so eager to get there, explore the beauty, 
taste the gelato and eat homemade pasta.
but, we are most excited to just be with one another.
just the two of us.
we've been begging for time alone with one another
after such a hectic, crazy and long ballet season and school year.
that time starts in less than 24 hours...
and you better believe that we are both counting down the seconds.
{at this point, even our nine hour layover sounds delightful. i'm slightly joking.}

while we are gone, i thought i would treat you all to a little something.
since, clearly, i can't fit you all in my suitcase and take you with me.
for the next three weeks, i have some lovely bloggers featured on my blog.
i hope they keep you entrained by their beauty, fun ideas, tutorials and so much more.
it's always a treat to discover a new blog....
so enjoy them and send them some love by visiting their blogs!

italy and lovebird will carry my heart for the next little while.
i'm simply elated about that.
i'll miss you dearly while i'm away 
and look forward to catching up on your blogs when i return.
happy summer. 


  1. Have a wonderful trip! I am looking forward to seeing pics as I've never been to Italy!

  2. Super jealous! Have a great trip!!

  3. Italy is breathtaking! Have a great trip :)

  4. Have a wonderful trip! I hope to see lots of beautiful pictures when you return. :)


  5. jealous!! have a GREAT time!! :) you two look so cute!!


  6. You two are just too cute! Enjoy your trip. Italy is amazing! XX

  7. Enjoy!! Have a lovely time! Stuff yourselves with pizza, pasta and gelato! So sorry I didn't get the time to prepare my guest post for while you are away! I will definitely enjoy reading the ones you have in store for us.. and maybe on your next holiday, I'll have one ready for you!! Happy summer to you two! x

  8. ah its going to be so much fun. i wish i could go but school starts up again on monday. can't wait to hear about all of your great adventures!


  9. I hope you have an awesome time in Italy! enjoy! eat a lot and shop even more :)

  10. wow!! have fun.. i'm super jealous!


  11. Your blog is so lovely!! I'm italian, have a wonderful time in my country! Hope you visit my blog!

  12. The food in Italy is going to blow your mind! Enjoy every minute of your trip! :)

  13. Woooow have such a great time in Italy! Too bad I'm coming upon your blog just as you're leaving! But have fun and eat gelato at least twice a day for me ; )

  14. yeah!!! You two will have an amazing time! I just know it! How exciting... I look forward to seeing all of you vacation photos. Have a wonderful time! :)

  15. I was beginning to wonder with all of the guest posts...Well, you lucky ducks, I hope you are having a fab time, and look forward to hearing about your fun trip when y'all get back! New and excited follower!