Thursday, June 7, 2012

following the trend.

posting instragram photos is somewhat trendy.
i'm aware of that.
some may even say it's a cop out to composing a "good" blog post,
while others thrive to post there little photos on the blog.
i'm indifferent. 
the bottom line:
i'm a fan of capturing life via pictures,
and i'm also a fan of blogging/posting whatever your little heart desires. 

today i'm being lazy, trendy, and "coping out on a 'good' post"
{or whatever you may consider it}
to share my life, as of lately, through photos:

1. windy day= lots of layers and lots of laughs.
2. my cute cousin patsy just got engaged! yay!
3. diet coke, again. it's worth repeating.
4. a reflection of buildings in downtown salt lake city.
5. craft night {again}! vintage materials with a vintage sewing machine.
{not to mention, a mint green one. it was my mom's first one- she bought it at age 13!}
6. help me pick a good book, or two, to take with me on my trip!
7. meet boone. my favorite kid alive. 
8. recent obsession: greek yogurt from tcby. go try it now. you'll instantly fall in love.

it's your turn to post your lovely pictures!
also, i'd love it if you followed along on instagram...
so in return, i can find and follow your cute life via pictures!
user name: eleasejane


  1. But you still managed to make a great post, I think that your Instagram are a bit different and well icked out - sometimes people just post all of their Instagram photos, I'm not a big fan of that.
    The photos are really nice, especially the one with the building reflection, with the cocktail and with the books.

  2. Love your instagram photos! I'm on instagram too (@chinkygirlmel) Congratulations on your cousin's engagement! Wooohooo!

  3. I love instagram posts:) cute pictures!


  4. I started doing an "insta Friday" post soon after I started blogging last year. As you, I don't care if it's trendy or not. By Friday we are too excited for the weekend to make well-composed posts anyway! :)

  5. nice pictures! have a happy friday :)

  6. instagram. ya im obsessed. looks like you are having fun in utah with the fam, are you enjoying the bipolar weather that we have?


  7. next stop ... tcby! (: xo Jacqlyn

  8. I follow you on instagram as of last week, my username is: samanthadobbs :)

    BTW love that vintage sewing machine. I have one too, but I got it from Grandmother and it's very intimidating. It's one of those that are inside a table. You pull it up and's frightening.

  9. I love instagram! I think instagram posts tell a great story about your week/life :)
    I have never tried tcby it sounds divine though!


  10. that sewing machine is amazing! so jealous!!! it looks like a family heirloom in the making!

  11. Ha, i have to admit that i do this all the time! But i think it's nice because normally the shots we get with our iphones are those little bits and pieces of our days, that wouldn't otherwise be captured. Love your sewing machine, by the by!

  12. Whoever told you instagram/photos are a cop out is totally wrong! Seeing life through pictures is what it's all about, in my book. Blogs are a visual enjoyment, so just have fun with it! Love the pictures :)

  13. In your summer stack of books. The girl with the Pearl Earring. LOVE that book. Don't forget to read the book readers guide after you finish and find out all the symbolism throughout the book.

  14. FREAK CARL! blog about and however the freak you want! It is magical that way! love you and it.

  15. i always thought instagram was somewhat a waste of time. however, recently i decided to try it out and now i am hooked. i want to instagram everything!!! it's a fun way to capture the simplest things in life.

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  16. I love instagram photos! It's a great way to capture the simple and beautiful things in life!

  17. I love looking at other's IG photos! You're absolutely's a nice way to get a glimpse into someone's real life! :-)
    ♥ Kyna

  18. I love this! :) Instagram is such a great tool in the social media world these days.

    Thank you for visiting my blog! Really do hope to see you around more often!

    P.S. Love the DIY ombre calendar post. I'll have to try that sometime!!


  19. absolutely loving your blog honey, soooo cute x