Friday, June 22, 2012

meet andrea.

Hi, lovely little lovebird lovers
(well, helloooo alliteration)!
where I blog about my life as an aspiring author, wife to a nerdy engineer 
and dog-mom to an adorable puggle.
I started blogging when my husband and I moved from Missouri to California,
and one of the very first blogs I fell in love with was "The Little Lovebirds", 
and I keep coming back because who doesn't want to read about the fabulous
adventures of an adorable ballerina and her handsome husband
(seriously, you guys should be models).
And I can't wait to come back and see amazing photos from the lovebirds' trip to Italy.
But, in the meantime, let me tell you about my favorite vacation of all time...
our honeymoon.
Ryan and I got married August 7, 2010. We were both in college in Missouri.
And we both had enormous dreams of one day moving to Los Angeles.
So, where did we go on our honeymoon?
Los Angeles, California.
It was the first time either of us had been to the Golden State,
and the moment we arrived we were in for a sweet vacation full of surprises.
First surprise? On the shuttle from the airport to our rental car facility,
we met a vacationing family who were PUMPED to find out that we were on our honeymoon.
Seriously pumped.
Excited enough that they convinced the car rental company to
upgrade us to a convertible!
And then, excited enough that they insisted on taking a picture of us in the car. Those are
their kids in the background. Funny, right?

Second surprise? When we arrived at our hotel, they told us we had a package waiting for us.
Two of our awesome friends just happened to be on vacation in LA the week before us,
and they found our hotel and left us a package with drinks for the evening.

Surprise number three? We went to The Laugh Factory for a comedy performance
one night, and guess who just happened to be the special guest that night?
Dane Cook. My secret lover.
AND, we got a picture with him after the show.

Between the surprises, we explored some of the amazing city
and took a few trips to the beach (Ryan's first time seeing the ocean!)
and it sealed the deal that we absolutely wanted to move to Los Angeles.

And then, we went back to Missouri.
And we finished college.
And I don't think anyone really believed we would move to California.
But last fall, after months of interviewing (and waiting, waiting, waiting)
Ryan was offered a job in Los Angeles, beginning in January!
And so we moved. And we love it.
Someday, we'd love to visit Europe and Mexico and one thousand other wonderful places.
But our vacation to Los Angeles will forever be one of my favorites because
it was our first trip together to the place we're now lucky enough to call home.


  1. That's an awesome story! I love your blog :)


    1. Oh, and I'm super jealous about Italy... Miss it muchly.


  2. oh so awesome!
    i secretly, and not so secretly love dane cook also.

  3. cute post, Im sure you'll love Mexico ;)