Tuesday, June 19, 2012

meet chelsea.

Hi Guys! My name is Chelsea, and I blog over at Ruesch Love.  Mostly, I talk about the small things that make my life just a little more sweet, mixed in with the occasional embarassing story or sarcastic remark. Okay, the sarcasm may be a little more than occasional. Just don't take anything I say too seriosuly. Heaven knows I don't. I'm in love with a boy whom I fondly refer to as j.rue. I'm kind of crazy about his baby blues...and bum. But I'm his wife so I can say that.

A big thanks to Elease for letting me share a little of her space today. Those two little lovebirds are the cutest thing since sliced bread and her blog easily became one of my daily reads. I idolize her prima-ballerina coolness. I think we're kindred spirits because I took ballet until the rip old age of 11. That counts, right Elease? Oh, and did I mention she has killer style. I'm sure that you're already aware , but I just love it!

Today I wanted to introduce you to a couple of my simple summer essentials. Simple because I mean, should summer be described any other way? I think not! Plus, I'm a strong advocate of taking care of and pampering yourself. Hopefully I can bring some stuff to the table that you have never heard of or are on the fence about purchasing. Okay, so let's get started:

1. African Black Soap. Ever heard of it? I hadn't either, until last month and it's done magical things for my skin. It's supposed to have anti-aging AND acne properties and it's all natural. Oh, and it's only $3. Kind of a winner in my book. This is more of a year round essential, but summer is a great time to try something new. Funny side story: when j.rue first saw my new soap he asked why there was a turd in our shower. Yes it's that ugly, but what did your momma always teach you growing up? Don't judge a book by it's cover.

2. I'm a huge sunscreen advocate. HUGE. I like to think of it as my summer perfume. Okay, I actually wear real perfume, but I love it when I walk by someone and I can smell the faint whiff of sunscreen. It makes me happy and oh so proud. We recently got back from California and I now swear by SuperGoop. Enticing name, right? This goop is free of a lot of chemicals, works on your body and face, and isn't slimy or filmy white. Please, wear your sunscreen. Wrinkles are not cute. Neither is cancer. Okay, stepping off the soapbox now...

3. Actually one more thing about sun protection, but this one is a little more fun. Promise. FLOPPY HATS! These are adorable and keep the sun off of your neck and face. For a whitey like me, they're 100% necessary, even if living in Utah. There are some very cute and inexpensive ones available at Target and F21.

4. For the love of Maxi skirts! If you don't own at least one get your tush out the door right now.

5. These headbands. Okay, they aren't anywhere near being an essential, but they scream summer in my opinion. When I rock mine j.rue calls it a turban and talks to me in an Indian accent. Not very PC j.rue.

6. Bobbi Brown's Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer. It has SPF, it's light with just enough color to even you out, and it doesn't make you shiny. This is your answer to summer make-up melty face issues and concerns.

7. LUSH "Big" Shampoo. This isn't a specific one for summer, but it does have delicious sea salt to massage your scalp. Sea salt is very summer-ish.

8. Summer tunes. I've been digging him, her, her, and them.

9. I know some people aren't into this, but finding fluffy summer beach reads is about as good as it gets. When I think of a perfect summer afternoon I think of a hammock, lemonade, a floppy hat, and a good book. If you're not into novels, magazines or netflix are a nice option too. But be warned, you are missing out.

10. NARS Carthage Lipstick. Again, not an essential but a nice punchy color never put anyone at a disadvantage. Lipstick makes me feel all confident and fancy schmancy. If lipstick scares you, maybe start with one of these and ease your way into more bold color. It worked for me.

11. Is is driving you nuts that I didn't end this at an even 10? It is me. This last one couldn't be left out though. YOu need a summer side-kick to go on lots of crazy adventures with, but who will also lounge on the couch eating snacks and watching the Bachelorette. J.rue fills that void in my life, but side-kicks can really be anyone that you love. You must love them though. If you and your side-kick needs some summer ideas, j.rue and I made a summer bucket list. I might get your creative juices flowing.

Please excuse the low quality and cheesiness of this picture. The low quality is due to the fact that we rely only on cell phone cameras. The cheesiness hails from our recent trip to Disneyland. How can you not be cheesy there?

There you have it! Simple Summer Essentials. I've learned that keeping things simple allows you to reduce stress, and reducing stress improves your health and allows you to fully enjoy your summer. So there you have it. I give you permission to go and buy anything on this list that you may want. Because it will make you more healthy. But then you can't feel guilty, because that would make this kind of an oxymoron. Are you following me here?

Thanks again Elease for letting me stop by! I would love to hear from any of you. I love meeting new bloggy friends and finding new fabulous blogs to read, so please feel free to stop by and say hi! Happy summer!


  1. You have convinced me that I just may "NEED" some of these things! :)

  2. Love this!!! You are too cute.

  3. cute post! thanks for the tips :)

  4. Crazy about the maxi skirt! Also, your name is divine! :)

  5. I've heard of that black soap before. I want to try it!