Wednesday, June 27, 2012

meet kirsten.

 hi guys, i'm kirsten from K & R . this is a little blog that i started after we got married. we are in utah now finishing up school and just enjoying being married. on our blog we cover anything and everything. you name it we'll do it if we haven't already done it. we'd love to have you stop by. anyways, i'm so excited to be here with the little lovebirds, they are the cutest. i love this blog so much, she is just so adorable and really quite hilarious. i wish we lived closer to each other because i feel like we could totally be friends, but until then i will just have to deal with reading her fabulous and adorable blog. 

 warm weather, sunshine, relaxation, what's not to love about the summer? i was born and raised a las vegas girl so there's nothing like the summer heat for me. for summer there are definitely some musthaves. so i thought i would put together a little summer musthave/do list. 

#1 summer musthave wardrobe include, but obviously aren't limited to: maxi skirts, colored pants, sandals, blouses, a chambray shirt and lots and lots of dresses.

#2 summer musthave hair: braids, braids, braids, and waves.

#3 summer mustdo's: go to the beach (i've still yet to do this one), eat ice cream everyday, get a tan (obviously haven't done this one yet), shopping of course, go to a wedding, duh and go on a bike ride.

#4 summer musthave: sunscreen (ok guy's i know i sound boring or like a mom, but i'm a health major and sunscreen is so important, i just don't want anyone to get melanoma, ok)

#5 summer musthave is a summer love: now this doesn't necessarily have to be a person, it could be a puppy, a love affair with the beach, but there's got to be some summer love. i know i will be spending  my summer with my summer love (or forever lover) my cute little hubby :)

these are just a few of my summer musthaves. what are you summer musthaves? come and stop by and stay for awhile or the whole summer :)

thanks for having me little lovebirds, we love you and hope you are having a fantastic vacation! 


  1. great post, love your dresses and braids :) have a wonderful summer!

  2. As someone that deals with the Florida heat, I'm loving all of your choices for summer - especially all of the cute things you've done with your hair!

  3. she is simply adorable!

    and i hope you're loving italy :)