Thursday, June 28, 2012

meet mindy.

Hello! My name is Mindy and I blog over at!

I love to run, eat waaay more than I should {especially treats!} and am the.sass.master.

My blog is about the best days, the worst days and every day in between {sprinkled with as much PINK as possible!}. Oh! And I like to give out gold stars.

I am super excited to be able to hold down fort {at least for a day} while the Lovebirds are in It-lay*! Elease is just so stinkin' adorable and so is her blog! I love how she loves - her lovebird - dancing - and finding joy in her journey, regardless of what life throws at her!

I am also  uber-stressed about holding down fort on such an adorable blog ... because I am not your average blogger.

Sure. I have posted to die for recipes.

And about fashion and style

And my most recent DIY {which was done in high school - think a decade ago}.

I even write some "How to's".

Buuut, on the flip side, I sometimes feel like to be a legit blogger I have to have at least a lovebird, if not a baby chick or two to add to the mix. 

And when it comes to all that, I got nada!

Which sometimes leaves me surprised shocked that I have anything to blog about at all!  

But, somehow I do. :) Because while I have no lovebird or baby chicks, I have A LOT of things I find perfectly lovely.

And I figured I would share one of my loves with you today!

In honor of the Lovebirds' summer vacay, I will share one of my mild obsessions: SWIMSUITS.


I am lovin' not only what Target has this season, but the prices they have also!

Plus! You can mix n' match! Make two swimsuits into four! {I am kinda on a nautical and primary colors kick, but they have so many more colors! AND, all of these tops come with a strap that can be added or removed easily for those who do not want the tube-top feel.}

I will be the first to admit, at 5'11", I am likely to throw out the idea of a one-piece without a second thought, but these are super cute too!

And as much as I love Target {and I do!}, there is a swimsuit store I love even more!

Lime Ricki has some super cute suits!

I pretty much want to purchase all of them! They might be a tad bit "pricey", but they last, like, forever. :)

So, while I may not be spending my summer with my lovebird, I will be spending it with some of these lovelies while boating, tubing, hot tubbin', swimmin' and at the lake.  That makes me feel a little bit better about not currently being in Italy. :)

Happy summer, everyone!

* Name that movie!

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