Thursday, July 12, 2012

goodbye italy. hello america.

home again home again jiggity jog.
{lovebird grew up saying jig, i grew up saying jog. to this day we "argue" over which one's right.}

{the classic airport picture: going to italy, then leaving it all behind.}

hello lovely readers.
 it's been quite awhile- wouldn't you say?
oddly enough, i've slightly missed the blogging world;
mainly catching up with your fun lives, envying your fashion,
trying your diy's and craving your recipes. 
i am back now and have every intention of staying put for a little while. 
where do i even begin?
maybe by sorting though the thousands {literally} of photos i took,
counting the calories i consumed from pasta and bread,
organizing my memories into words to post,
or reflect upon the "important" things to share with you.
all of which seem a little overwhelming at the moment.
you can thank a heavy case of jet lag for that.
i'm anxious to share our adventures amidst the beautiful country of italy.
i now know why roma {rome, in english} spelled backwards is amor. 
not only did i fall in love with everything in sight,
i fell in love with lovebird all over again.
italy has my heart.
i'm convinced i left it there.
thank goodness for throwing a coin in the trevi fountain-
legend has it, i'll return to rome one day and can then reunite with my heart. 
until then, i'll reminisce and share the details with you.
stay tuned. 
i promise to post those details as soon as i can. 


  1. I think that the rhyme goes:
    To market, to market to buy a fat pig, home again, home again, jiggety jig. To market to market to buy a fat hot, home again home again jiggety jog.

    So you're both right. :) Just thought I'd help ya out.

  2. glad you are home safe and sound! can't wait to see your amazing photos!

  3. so so so excited to hear about everything. so glad you had so much fun.
    also, made my heart melt, you fell in love again. so perfect. i want to go to italy, even though i fall in love again every day, it seems so much more romantic in italy. hahaha


  4. Welcome back!! I'm glad you had fun...I enjoyed keeping up with your travels on Instagram :)

    I love Pasta and Bread...I wouldn't be able to fly home from all of the pasta and bread I would consume if I ever got the chance to visit :)

  5. Don’t torture yourself by even thinking about those calories! Welcome back!


  6. welcome back! i can't wait to hear all about your adventures :)

  7. welcome back! I'm so glad you had the trip of a lifetime and I can't wait to hear all about it! :)

  8. Very jealous! Italy calls my heart and I did throw a coin in the fountain so hopefully one day I'll be back. Can't wait for more photo shares!

  9. I know that bittersweet feeling well -- happy to be coming back to your own bed but sad to be leaving such a beautiful place behind! Cannot wait to hear stories and see all the photos!!! xo

  10. Welcome home! Glad you guys had fun. My hubby and I are gearing up to hit a little vacay in a couple weeks and I'm thrilled too! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  11. welcome home! your trip was probably amazing, we can't wait to get to italy. post pictures soon!

  12. Welcome back!! I can't wait to hear about it!!! (and see all the pics!!)
    ♥ Kyna

  13. Welcome back!So excited to hear about your adventures!

  14. so lucky.. and i'm so excited to live vicariously through you.

  15. Oh I can't WAIT to see the pictures!