Wednesday, July 11, 2012

meet bridget.

hi! it's swell to meet you. are you as envious as i am that these two are galavanting through italy? that said, i'm very honored to be filling in!

i'm bridget from the deer circus, a blog about my life in denver, co with a way-too-cute-for-me husband, our beagle and our frenchie, and my photography adventures. the two of us like to document everything -- our little dates, small style tips, diys, and whatever we're currently crazy about.

for my guest post, i thought i'd share the things i'm most looking forward to traipsing around denver in this summer:
1. floral crowns. they're so easy to make! you can see my tutorial here. i've grown so accustomed to wearing them, that now my outfits feel blah when i don't. 
2. shoe clips are great because they elevate the ordinary -- so-so shoes become real gems when you slap sparkle clips on them. disclaimer: may cause intense distraction. 
3. i know we're all salivating over mint pants this season, but let's give a nod to the peachy hues too. maybe it's because peaches are my favorite fruit, and peaches remind me of picnics, and picnics remind me of my husband -- but i think it's so pretty and feminine. slap a gilded belt or watch on top and, well, you're golden. 
4. i love how long hems are getting! pull it up to your smallest spot, cinch it with a skinny belt, and tuck in just about any blouse. this skirt length is flattering, modest, easy to sit on hills or ride a bike in -- and it's breezy enough to keep your knees cool in the summertime. 
5. accessorize with found objects you wouldn't see other people wearing routinely. on my list for this summer: binoculars, a kaleidoscope in hand, vintage cameras on leather straps, a harmonica on a string, books to flip through like bird-watching guides, atlases, and french dictionaries.

come say hi! 


  1. i adore bridget and i adore you.

  2. Bridget is an old pal of mine ever since I first started blogging =)

  3. This post is so cute-- I love both of your blogs! Glad to have found them :)

  4. i loveee both of your blogs, one of the cutest ever. also, love your precious family... makes me excited to start one of my own someday! you inspire me! check out my blog sometime! --robyn--

  5. I love those tuxedo shoes and the clips are great, I actually just hot glued some a little while ago. They were a cinch. ;)