Tuesday, July 17, 2012

it's all in the mattress.

good morning.
i'm calling on you for a little help, more like a recommendation. 
you see, we have a problem.
lovebird and i have already purchased two brand new mattresses in our 
{almost} two years of being married, and are desperately looking to buy a third.
well,  because we wake up in the morning in pain. 
our backs just scream with aches and pains.
{that's like asking to wake up on the wrong side of the bed, if you ask me.}
i always thought it was because of my sore muscles due to dance, 
but now that i'm off contract, my bed has now proven itself to be the reason.
we slept on numerous beds while traveling through italy,
and not one time did we wake up with an ounce of pain.
please help.
i'm craving a good night sleep;
one i can wake up and roll out of bed feeling rejuvenated and rested,
instead of cramping in pain. 

you have two options:
1. you can go lay on the ground next to your nicely made up bed,
untuck the sheets a little and check the tag to see what mattress
gives you that perfect night sleep, and leave a little comment below.
2. you can plan on lovebird and i climbing in your bed tonight.
we are that desperate.

{i'd take the first option, even though a sleepover might be fun}

thanks for leaving your recommendations below.
we greatly appreciate your help. 

*we currently are sleeping on a "tempurpedic"/memory foam bed from costco 
and owned a sealy plush top before that. 


  1. My fiance and I were planning on buying a mattress when we moved in, but ended up just keeping his. The one we almost got (deposit and everything) and probably eventually will was american signature PLUSH. It's so soft - like a hotel's mattress. That's probably why you didn't have any pain traveling. Find out what kind your hotels was (I almost guarentee you it was soft or plush).


  2. PS: The american signature mattress was formaldehyde free too, unlike most mattresses made now which uses a lot of toxins and formaldehyde. If you want something without ANY of that stuff, look for organic mattresses (cost a bit more, though).

  3. First, you could try adding a good quality down mattress pad (or down alternative), also known as a feather bed. This saved us from having to get a new mattress. Second, try a sleep number. We haven't splurged on one yet but made the mistake of trying out our friends. Now we live with mattress envy.

  4. Wow you asked the right girl!My brother,brother-inlaw,and dad all own mattress stores!From their talks I've heard sleep number is one of the best!

  5. Go into RC Willey and give these mattresses a try. This was a wedding present from my parents and I can't even tell you how amazing these mattresses are. They have both firm and soft and an option where you can do half of the bed firm and half soft. My husband swears by it. They're expensive, but worth it!


  6. I was about to suggest the tempurdic bed, because apparently here in SA they are the shiz. But I sleep on a Sealy Posturepedic, and it has given me any problems. Don't know whether it's available there.

  7. we have a tempurpedic bed and love it like no other. finding a mattress that works for you is so important, hope you find the right one, girl!

    xo, amanda

  8. Where do you buy your mattresses? I always go to actual mattress stores so I can try the beds out. :) I hope you find your bed!


  9. hey lovebirds! my husband and i have an amazing mattress and we absolutely love it. the brand is "miralux" and we bought it about about 4 years ago. it is heavenly! i highly recommend looking into that brand. worth every penny spent.


    1. ps: forgot to mention that it is a pillowtop-style mattress.

  10. Stay away from plush. Believe or not your back needs a firm support. We got ours through Costco.com and got a firm style there. We love it and it is makes a huge difference. Madison was having back pain as well and she thought it was dance. Switched her mattress to firm (costco as well) and she hasn't complained since:) This is Lauri Z BTW!

  11. I'm in the same boat as you. Back pain in every morning. We need a new mattress pronto...I just wish they weren't so dang expensive!

  12. Mattress world recently had a sale on new mattresses, we found ourselves in the same exact place, hurting and sore, tossing and turning and unable to sleep in the sunken divets in our mattress- we bought a memory foam and OH BOY what a difference! seriously, I am a great sleeper- my hubby is a horrible sleeper and we both love it and can sleep so well and soundly and not wake the other person by moving anymore. It's true, try one out for yourself, its almost always a 30-90 day trial period, so test one out and take time to really lay and relax on it :) good luck and sweet dreams!

  13. Sleep Number. Period

  14. I have back issues and when purchasing my mattress was told to buy firmer which is exactly what I did and it has helped a lot! You don't want to sink into the bed because that's not good for your back. Hope that helps! =)

  15. Our mattress is incredibly comfortable, I think it is some sort of Serta mattress, I will have to check tonight. That stinks not having a comfy mattress!


  16. so my husband and i had a terrible mattress, but we didn't want to fork over a fortune for a new mattress. we actually got a mattress pad. our mattress was just old and you cold feel the springs, not fun. i'm a firm believer in a mattress pad, you may need to get one to make it more firm, but i definitely think that it would help.


  17. The hubs and I are sleeping on a mattress my parents purchased for me in hihg school...11 years ago. We wake with back pain every morning and live for trips where we can sleep on a comfy bed. We are also in the market for a bed, on suggestions from many people we are looking into a sleep number, tested a few and they are nice! Good luck!

  18. this is one of my favorite quotes ever!


  19. We have a medium firmness foam mattress from Ikea. They're fairly cheap and suuuper comfy. Also it's a pretty firm mattress so it will give you the support you need. It has no springs so there are no "pressure points" but it also makes it kinda hard to move; definitely a 2 person job.
    I would recommend Ikea foam mattresses to anyone. My husband's family sleeps exclusively on them.

  20. And when I say "move" I mean "move from one apartment/house to another"... not "roll over"

  21. We have a medium firmness foam mattress from Ikea. They're fairly cheap and suuuper comfy. Also it's a pretty firm mattress so it will give you the support you need. It has no springs so there are no "pressure points" but it also makes it kinda hard to move; definitely a 2 person job. Tempurpedic Mattress

  22. lovebird and i have already purchased two brand new mattresses in our. {almost} two ... mattressfirmer.blogspot.com