Monday, July 9, 2012

meet caitlin.

These lovebirds are good friends of mine from way back when, so I was very excited when they asked me to guest post for them while they were vacationing!

And now, a (very) brief introduction of me and my blog - Hue and Hum.  I like to draw, my husband likes to make music, we met when we were teenagers, and we're still totally into each other.

Hum and I just got back from our own lovely little weekend of vacationing.  Everybody vacations differently, but this one happened just the way I like it:

A true vacation [to me] means there are no rules on when to get up, when to go to bed, and there are no destinations to be late to.  It means carrying only a phone in your back pocket to capture pictures and a tube of chapstick in the front pocket to keep your lips from chapping in the sunny weather.  It means feeling like we are both in high school again - flirting unconditionally and freely without adulthood smothering our childish love.  It means taking a deep breath and exhaling the heavy worries and inhaling the sweet time you get to spend together.  This trip was absolutely perfect in it's (mostly) nothingness.  I spent a lot of time remembering how we fell in love and falling just a little bit deeper into that same thing.

I have a really hard time switching my brain to the "off" position.  Between all of the creative projects swirling around in my head and my finger tips, vacations seem to be the only way I can truly leave the world behind.  I am grateful I could escape with my love for a few days, and (attempt to) doodle what it feels like to be loved.

Here's to wishing the lovebirds a great getaway and to all of you who are skipping town.  Just remember to pack your bags, get on the road, and leave the real world sitting on your bed with all the other unpacked items.  Oh don't worry, it'll be there when you get back.

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  1. I am the same way, I have to go on a vacation away from my house to really shut it off. So we budget for at least one out of state vacation a year and camp as much as possible in the summer.

    Nice to meet you. Going to jump over and check out your blog now. You can check mine out too, if you would like.

    Have a great Monday!

  2. You described vacation more perfectly than I have ever heard it before...