Friday, August 17, 2012

expensive rubber.

few things completley drain the bank account,
and buying new tires is certainly one of those.
buying tires is one of those annoyances in life-
you don't want to spend the money on those black rubber things that spin around,
and if you start thinking about what you could have spent that money on...
well, you may just start to cry. 
that being said, safety always should come first.
and let's face it, with all the commuting my little car does,
{as much as i don't want to admit it:}
new tires were a necessity. 
since lovebird was tired of me standing next to him totaling 
up how many purses, pointe shoes or projects i could have spent with that money,
i decided to make the most of the situation...
i now know that i'm seven and a half tires tall.
lovebird got a kick out of this, while i
 got to give a little kick to those brand new tires as soon as we walked outside,
to make sure our money was well spent... and it was.
cheers to new tires, fun times, 
and costco for outdoing my expectations yet again. 

have a happy weekend.


  1. at least now you know how many tires tall you are! :)

  2. I hate spending money on stuff like that! last month I had to get Prius a new battery ($300, are they serious!), and now I'm in need of two new tires. ugh. does it ever stop?

  3. I always calculate expensive purchases in the form of plane tickets haha, but good thing you chose safety first!

  4. Oh boy do I have a mixed feelings on tires.. My soon to be husband is a tire salesman..

    Go treat yourself to a little something.. =]

    Happy Friday!


  5. Oh I hate that too! I hate having to go there and thinking about all the cool stuff I could have bought instead!

  6. Tires are the worst! I feel like we fly through ours without even really doing anything. It's awesome when you have new tires on though!

  7. I'm getting four new tyres on my little Dot this comming weekend :( Like you say, I don't want to "waste" the money but safety first!! xx

  8. Never had the problem with tyres since I don't drive. But good for you for changing new tyres! :D
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    xoxo backtofive