Thursday, August 16, 2012

"wakey wakey, eggs and bakey".

let's talk breakfast:
please say you love it as much as i do,
because i'm slightly hurt by people who say they never eat breakfast.
i almost take it personally.
i'm that girl who literally rolls straight out of bed right into the kitchen,
popping a piece of bread in the toaster before my eyes are even open all the way.
or that girl who goes to bed planning {more like craving} 
what i'll eat in the morning.
greek yogurt, peanut butter, oatmeal, almond milk, eggs, fruit, bagel, granola....
the options are endless, as well as all delicious. 
unlike lunch and dinner, you can never go wrong with what you choose to eat.
i mean honestly, who can resist waffles, pancakes or crepes?
they are practically dessert. 
i could eat breakfast for any meal, and sometimes prefer to.
my happiness depends on good breakfast.
say hello to an overly cranky and impatient person if i skip out on it.
then again, the thought of skipping it, is unheard of in my life.
in fact, i don't recall the last time i did.
eating breakfast is the recipe for a successful, energetic and positive day.
always eat breakfast;
you're doing yourself, your body and brain a big favor,
as well as keeping yourself on a friendship basis with me.
go indulge on a yummy breakfast...
i'm about to, and i can hardly wait. literally.

good morning world. 


  1. yum! I do love breakfast!! I love getting coffee on my way to work, that's what I go to bed dreaming of! haha

  2. I used to never eat breakfast, but when Brian and I moved into our apartment I started to and now it's habit. My favorite thing to do is cook eggs and bacon on Brians days off.


  3. I have to have breakfast every morning, but I'm more of a cereal, bagel, Greek yogurt kinda person...right along with my morning coffee :) My Husband doesn't eat breakfast. I don't know how he lives.

  4. i'm absolutely one of those people who has to have breakfast in the morning...i wouldn't be able to function without it! (and of course, breakfast foods for dinner is always fun too.)

  5. I'm not a big fan of breakfast but I need to be ASAP! I've notice that the days I do have breakfast I feel a lot better. I guess I just have to make an effort to wake up earlier and make it.


  6. Don't hate me,but I hardly ever eat breakfast,but I do LOVE breakfast for dinner...does that count?Hah!

  7. I am TOTALLY a breakfast girl. I will be super cranky all day if I skip it (which is why I could never understand how others do it) and could even have it for lunch or dinner. Yum!

  8. couldn't agree more. perfectly said. we better see you soon! maybe we can have you over and make breakfast for dinner :)

  9. good morning!
    i loveee breakfast, however i usually dont eat it until about 2 hours after i wake up.
    i do, however, love a leisurely breakfast with my man

  10. I could have written this post myself! I pop bread into the toaster and put on the kettle as soon as I get out if bed and get very upset if someone rushes me. And pancakes make n excellent dinner.

  11. This whole post. Exactly how I feel.

  12. Oh gosh...please don't take this personally...I don't like breakfast...never have...and I usually skip it all the time (I know that's not healthy!). Please don't hate me! :-)
    ♥ Kyna

  13. Oh girl. I can't start my day off without breakfast. I love cereal (pre sweetened kid stuff, but I usually stick with multi-grain cheerios), peanut butter toast, every thing slim bagels plain (or PB on the bottom slice), or waffles.

    Since I'm at my grandma's hosuse this weekend it means I get to have kid cereal! Yessss. My brothers prefer eggs and bacon, but I like to keep it real simple.

  14. I totally agree! When I lived in France it was always so important to get a slow start and wake yourself up with a big breakfast! I wish more people paid attention to that here, I miss it so much!

  15. In high school my breakfast was a fruit popcicle as I went out the door... yes, even in the winter. Weird? I know. But being home with the girlies I LOVE to cook breakfast. Favorites: German oven (or "Pop-eye") pancakes and Crepes.mmm... you're getting me excited to wake up tomorrow!
    Also, I have to tell you I laughed so hard at your title, because while we were to Europe our French tour guide would wake us up after a long bus ride by tapping on the microphone {thump thump thump} and saying, "Hallo, Wakey Wakey Everybody!" Dave and I still laugh about this all the time! (:xoxoxo

  16. I have to eat breakfast! I would go without dinner but not breakfast! What I'm eating for breakfast is always the first thing on my mind when I wake up in the morning!!

  17. The pic is so cute first. I used to have time to eat breakfast before I go to work, but now, I first have an hour and a half to commute, so I eat breakfast real quick at my office in front of my computer, checking my first emails :(