Wednesday, August 15, 2012

happy number ten.

ten things that make me happy right now:
1. pureology shampoo and condition. yes, it's expensive... but, so worth it.
2. looking at dog books. slowly but surely, i'm cracking lovebird's will against getting a puppy.
3. birthdays, anniversaries, school and ballet starting... this month is full of all things great. 
4. opi's germany collection for fall. i'm especially loving "don't talk bach to me".
5. summer dinners with lovebird. tasty, simple and oh, so romantic. 
6. my go to earrings: hoops. never can go wrong, i tell you. wouldn't mind adding this pair to the collection.
7. thinking about the {near} future; so many big changes right around the corner. {hurry up!}
8. those little moments when you realize you are so in love. especially, when they hit you unexpectedly. 
9. pretty little liars. i am guilty as charged. 
10. soaking up the last of the summer sun, while anticipating school starting next week. bittersweet. 


  1. Pretty Little Liars is such an addiction for me! It is so ridiculous but so fun :)

  2. I am all about PLL! It's been so good this season! Can't wait to see what the next two weeks hold!

  3. i love PLL! addicted!

    and hoop earrings. i completely agree!

  4. I am soooo excited about the OPI Germany collection!!!

  5. i love these happy lists. i do a similar series on my blog called "bits of happiness"

  6. LOVE pretty little liars and those new opi shades!

  7. sounds like lots of exciting things are happening :)

  8. This is a great idea for a post! So much fun to read!
    ♥ Kyna

  9. 11. Reading this gorgeous little post :) xx

  10. Hi,
    I just found you from Joy Felicity Jane, you have such a cute blog. I love your pictures.
    I am following you through GFC so I can read your blog again.

    Natalie x

  11. I'm addicted to Pretty Little Liars as well.
    The OPI's new collection is to die for!!