Tuesday, August 28, 2012

polka dot.

tuesday's inspiration:
are you picking up on the huge polka dot trend going on at the moment?
dots and spots are everywhere. 
yes, everywhere. 
here are a few of my favorites:
1. how adorable is this wall paper? 
{can i move in tomorrow?}
2. i'd take these in any and every color they come in.
3. this is the perfect tutorial for cute dotted nails. 
4. dots galore from head to toe. love it all. 
5. if only i could have both her blouse and her skirt. 
{practically perfect, i tell you.}
6. j.crew has done it right again. am i surprised? no. 
7. why not spruce up some furniture with these knobs.
8. i'd kill for this clutch. 
{figuratively speaking, obviously.} 

i could go on for days. i really could.
polka dots are every where in sight,
 and i'm completely in love with them.
are you?


  1. Polka dots are everywhere, you have completly right. Unfortunately, I definitely prefer stripes.
    Polka dots in my house are only in kitchen :)
    Have a nice Tuesday! xo

  2. Recently I don't know why but I am in love with polka dots. I think it's really really cute! :D:D

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  3. Omg I love it all!!!! Love that clutch, Lauren at From My Grey Desk has it, jealous!

    I'm totally obsessed with polka dots...it's a disease! Lol

  4. I didn't even know dots were popular right now! Yay!! I love polka dots :)
    xo Heather

  5. I love polka dots! I have a couple polka dotted shirts and sometimes i kinda wish i could just always wear them. :) and get more. haha

  6. Completely head over heels for polka dots right now! I've been eyeing the new sweaters from jcrew too,but at 200+ dollars a pop I think I'll keep dreaming,Hah!

  7. YES! I really want a black shirt with polka dots! It's so cute and trendy!

  8. I've noticed them all over lately too! I'm not such a big fan, but I think I'm starting to like them. I'm more of a chevron pattern fan, also seen a lot lately!

  9. i love polka dots! :) dreamy!

  10. I have a few polka dot pens & i love them! Vr cute & retro-like ;)