Wednesday, August 29, 2012

stumped on a hump.

today, i'm stumped:
stumped on what to write about.
also, stumped because i'm exhausted.
so,i guess it's cheers to it being hump day.
i hope you are overcoming your week's tiredness,
the midweek blues, and the feeling of wishing friday was already here.
i certainly trying to. 
sorry for the boring post of words-
instead, i thought i'd enlighten you with a photo from this and this shoot. 
we truly had so much fun.
even waking up at 3:00 a.m. to get ready and strip down 
to nothing but our leaotards in the morning's brisk chill.
today, i'd make any excuse to go climb a mountain in pointe shoes and leotards.
anything to get over this midweek stump of mine. 
i may not physically be in yosemite today,
but i'm certainly there in my mind.
again, happy hump day.
where is your happy place at the moment?

p.s. can you tell which one is me? extra love points for you, if you can!  


  1. Wow that photo is gorgeous! I'm suffering from the midweek blues too :( It'll pass, after all, it's almost FRIDAY!
    xo Heather

  2. I love when you post your ballerina photos! The beauty is overwhelming!

    I'm not sure which one is you! ugh, it's driving me crazy! I've been styding the pictures for a few min now! I'm guessing the middle, but the pictures is a little blurry on my work computer.

  3. Darn, I can't tell which one is you but I think it's the middle one!

    Absolutely love this photo, it's amazing!

    You dance in Utah right? My good friend was dancing at Ballet West but now she just dances for the University of Utah company.

  4. Middle baby! Center stage, just as you should be!

  5. center stage, right in the middle!

    beautiful photo!

  6. Beautiful picture! I just love that you're a ballerina. lol love it! oh and I did pick you out in the middle. ;) love your leotard! haha

  7. Hump day here too as its the end of the school holidays today and back to normal routine tomorrow. My daughter starts her new high school aargh. I'm back to work after six days off. So v mixed emotions

    Helped by watching the aspirations and courage of the Paralympians

  8. Hey! I have a favor/question! Email me!

  9. I'm gonna say the middle!Hope your day turns better!And currently my happy "place" can be found in Christmas music!

  10. My money is on the middle. RIght? :) This photo is stunning!

  11. The photo is so gorgeous and filled with grace and beauty.
    Your blog is so lovely as well!