Wednesday, September 5, 2012

coming to terms.

coming to terms with:
1. bathrobes:
i seem to collect bathrobes all of a sudden. 
i do tend to live in them whenever i am home, but still... i find this a little weird.
2. chocolate for breakfast?
{i've actually never done that, believe it or not.}
i will never skip breakfast or having a piece of chocolate at some point in the day.
both are too good to skip; and by good, i mean, good for the heart. right?
3. bucket list item:
i may be going on a crazy adventure this weekend. i'm slightly really nervous. 
4. stress and school go hand in hand:
school is stressful no matter how "easy" your classes are. 
i'm referring to my supposedly easy music and health class; 
both of which i'm panicing about. 
5. ginger:
the cure to all of my stomach issues as of late. 
not joking... got a belly ache? try candied ginger or a classic ginger ale.
 6. being a ballerina:
i have finally come to terms with the fact that my body will never not be sore.
i figure, if i embrace that fact now, the pain may be slightly more tolerable.
7. phone calls:
i call the ones i love at least twice a day.
if he's lucky, lovebird may even get up to five phone calls per day.
midge may even be tied for first place too.
8. penny saver:
okay, i'm not really a penny saver; i enjoy spending a little too much. 
however, i am a deal junkie.
i participate in every deal going on at the grocery store, even if lovebird
tells me i didn't end up saving a single penny in the long run.
those promotions are just too tempting, i tell you!

a bit of randomness today, 
but, we all come to terms with ourselves here and there;
in doing so, we become the very best version of ourself. 

it's the only way to be the best you.


  1. People who think music majors are taking the easy way out are crazy! (I know you're not a music major.) Those music courses are some of the most time consuming classes I have ever taken. Music Theory...*shudder*. I loved music 1010 though, and I sure had an advantage in that class thanks to your dear mom.

  2. fun post! I used to dance and teach dance too and I know what you mean about being sore all the time but when you love what you do you can always handle it right?

  3. This was such a fun post!! I don't call but I text or email people I love as often as I can :)