Friday, September 7, 2012

being brave.

happy weekend.
i'm off to take my first test of the semester... wish me luck.
then, i'm hoping on a private jet to fly home{salt lake city}.
bucket list item: check. 
i'm headed home for a grand total of 24 hours;
just enough time to say hello to my family, eat at a favorite restaurant,
possibly get my hair done and spend the rest of those minutes with my mom. 

surprisingly, i'm more nervous for the flight than i am for the test.
so please, wish me more luck for the flight.

i hope you have a lovely weekend!
i'll report back with awesome pictures and a quick tale of 
the adventures that happen in the next 24 hours.
until then, i keep telling myself to be brave.


  1. Happy trails! Best of luck on the test and the flight! You'll be there before you know it:)

  2. Good luck on the test and safe flight!

  3. How did you score a private jet?

    Good luck with both!

  4. best of lucks on the test AND the flight, enjoyyyy!

  5. "Be Brave little one, Make a wish for each sad little tear... and always keep a little prayer in your pocket... you must try to be brave, little one, someone's waiting for you!" (: We sing this all the time. (Name the movie if you can.) Hope you enjoy SLC and sad it is so short! One of these times we'll get together! I'm jealous and cannot wait to hear more details...private jet?
    P.S. Dave will be there the 20th through the 22nd for an interview! (-;

  6. Best of luck for the flight!! A private jet, how come??
    Tell us how the test went!!

  7. Good luck on your test and on the flight! You'll do superbly on both! Can't wait to see pics from your trip.

  8. Your blog is beautiful, looking forward to reading more! x

  9. Hope it all goes/went well!