Thursday, September 27, 2012

five senses.

hello to this week's five senses:

touch:more like, not being able to stay in touch with lovebird this weekend. 
he's being a complete nerd and going on a geology field trip for school.
surprisingly, quite far away, to a place with no reception... 
leaving us out of touch for a few days. 

taste:ginger ale. what would i ever do without you?
it's my beverage of choice nowadays. 
you can blame my horrible {and regular} stomach aches for this.

smell:bath and body works candles. holiday scented ones, to be exact.
{i lucked out on the 'buy 2 for $20' sale.}
the best 20 dollars i spent, because our house smells absolutely divine. 
they remind me that the holidays are just around the corner.

see:believe it or not, we have another performance this weekend.
come to our rock show {aka fundraiser}.
what's not to love about an evening full of delicious food, dance and rock and roll? 
absolutely nothing. 

hear:lately, nothing pleases me more than the sound of our  
washing machine, dryer and dishwasher running. 
it's the sign of clean house;
something i feel my busy schedule has managed to neglect. 
do help me. 

your turn- let me here your five for the week. 
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  1. lovin those bath and body works special! i always load up!! love your blog and cute post. xox

  2. I just got two candles with the special too. They are divine! And geology trip? haha awesome!

  3. need to get me some candles! washer n dryer sound, that's funny! never would've thought it that way..but true, you got to love a clean house :)

  4. Wow, good luck in your show! I'm sure that you will be beautiful!

  5. great post! :)
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  6. love this post. so cute! :) i love me some bath
    and body works candles too. mmm love fall. candle season!

    thanks for comment.
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  7. What a fun post! I'm in love with ginger ale {with or without the tummy ache ;) } And those candles? Um, yes. I think I am going to have to make a trip to B&BW. I hope it's still going on!

  8. We come from Milan, Italy, otherwise we would have added to your rock show. Adorable blog!

    xoxo Lelli. Italian family

  9. such a cute blog! you and your husband are so perfect, i can't wait to look around =)

  10. Your blog is adorable! Thanks for stopping by mine, hope you have a fab day.

  11. What a cute idea! I love the sound of the dishwasher and washer/dryer going...and I didn't realize it until you wrote that. Totally agree with you though!

  12. this is so cute!! LOVE the 2 for $20 sale. we were able to get a bunch of holiday candles from that and our house smells HEAVENLY all the time now.

  13. of course i am biased towards the ginger ale addiction. + the quiet hum of the washer or dishwasher make me giddy.