Wednesday, September 26, 2012

falling for...

i'm falling for fall.
but, we have a slight problem...
it doesn't exactly feel like fall here.
it's getting there....
i can feel a tiny breeze outside, 
i can see the leaves aching for change,
and the holidays seem to be creeping up on us. 
but, for some odd reason, we {as in california} are in an awkward stage.
you know, that stage of it not being summer, yet not feeling like fall?
that stage where you don't know if you should
dress in fall colors or stick to the summer hues while you still can.
or that stage of autimatically feeling like it's fall because school's in session,
yet if you wear a sweater of any sort, you'll end up breaking a sweat with just one step on campus.
which, brings me to my point...
the heat.
summer is officially over, and the heat needs to go.
these 90 degree days are putting a delay to fall's arrival. 
it's time for the sun to take a rest;
i would love a few rain showers or thunder storms.
anything that will give me an excuse to pull out our fall clothes, 
that seem to be jumping out of my closet in hopes they'll get worn. 

so... until those rain drops fall, 
or more signs of fall make their appearance,
i plan on falling in love with the pieces of fall i already have;
like fall's "it" color {plum purple},
pumpkin frozen yogurt, decorations, hot chocolate 
and the lightest layers i can manage to wear in this heat. 

has there been a delay in fall's arrival where you live?
or are you lucky enough to enjoy it already?
if so, i'm completely jealous.


  1. autumn is in full swing in upper michigan:) i'm in love! sending cool breezes + pretty leaves your way! xo

  2. girl, i know exactly what you mean. while fall is kind of here in utah i feel like its an only every other day thing. it was fall yesterday and maybe today, but it looks like its climbing back up into the 80's which is not fall. i feel conflicted and every day getting dressed is hard because i can't decide if its fall or still summer. gosh dang just make it fall already haha.


  3. It's totally hiding here in California. I feel like we don't get "fall" until about November.

  4. Oh girl, cherish the warmth, here in upper cananda like WAAAAY upper, the trees are almost bare already and we have had frost! Please summer stay a little longer!!

  5. fall has officially arrived to Montreal! but I am not ready to put on rainy boots yet, cause I know once I start wearing them it's boots for almost 7 enjoy your nice weather while you can :)

  6. Southern California is suffering from the same things!! Please oh please let us have some fall weather.
    I'm crossing my fingers for a beautiful crisp autumn next week int Utah when I go up for General Conference. :)

  7. I live in Houston Texas and it's still in the upper 80's outside! I am hoping this "cold front" coming through here on Friday will bring some cooler fall weather. My hubby and I are so ready for it!

  8. Jump on over to Montreal! I think we may have surpassed fall and went straight to winter! But yum, pumpkin fro yo!!

  9. Ah, yes. California fall. Unless you live in the northern part of the state, it's pretty short. But it's absolutely amazing when it does make an entrance in October/November :)

  10. I'm dying for Fall to start here, but I know it won't be here until... December probably? Florida weather is not my favorite...
    xo Heather

  11. arizona really only has three seasons. spring-for like 3 months, summer-for 6 months, fall- during the "winter" months. it is nice that it doesn't ever really get too cold here, but would be nice for the cooler temps. still almost 100 degrees still. lame. :)

  12. my thoughts exactly... Here in florida we are experiencing high 80s with HIGH humidity percentage. It is killing me. I just want to be able to wear my boots and cardigans!

  13. I hear ya girl! It's been in the mid 90's in Dallas and it's terrible! I was in shorts yesterday! Fall we welcome you anytime now. We want to show off our fall wardrobe! I hope it arrives sooner than later!

  14. Yeah, no fall for us leaves changing colors, no cool, crisp breeze. It's still currently 85 degrees here. Ugh!
    ♥ Kyna

  15. oh how I wish it was feeling like fall in florida =( no fall here either!


  16. its arriving perfectly in baltimore:)

  17. I agree with the heat leaving. Bye bye humidity!