Sunday, September 2, 2012

greetings in september.

goodbye august. hello september.
goodbye summer. hello school. 
goodbye novels. hello textbooks.
goodbye free days. hello homework.
goodbye to the trendy mint green. hello to fall's {much anticipated} hunter green.
goodbye to shopping. hello to saving.
{per lovebird's request. ops!}
goodbye to summery pinks and corals. hello to opi's germany collection.
goodbye to wearing white. hello to the labor day rule.
{i am a strict follower of this rule.}
goodbye too hot temperatures. hello to a tiny taste of fall's breeze.
goodbye rehearsals. hello performances.
{come see our free show in the park on thursday the 13th!}
goodbye to learning about skulls. hello to learning about music.
goodbye summer snacking. hello attempting to eat healthy. 
goodbye to our 2nd anniversary. hello to my parents big 40!
{congratulations you two! so inspiring.}
goodbye summer adventures. hello structured schedule. 
goodbye summer bbq's. hello crockpot. 
goodbye to summer clothing. hello to a crazy anticipation for fall clothing. 
goodbye traveling. hello to staying put at home.
{actually quite excited about this.}
goodbye to missing crew. hello to missing him even more.
goodbye bad habits. hello to fall's fresh start. 
goodbye pretty looking feet. hello pointe shoes. 
goodbye roots. hello hair appointment.
{anyone have a hair lady they absolutely LOVE in the bay area?}
goodbye to spending lots of time with lovebird. hello to missing that like crazy.
goodbye watermelon season. hello to craving you all fall. 
{you've been a real treat this year. we've enjoyed you a little too much}
goodbye sleeping with just the sheets. hello to covers, blankets and snuggles.
 goodbye august. hello september. 

happy labor day to you!
enjoy your day- hope it is full of all things fun.
holidays are simply the best.

*please link up if you do your own "goodbye-hello".
and don't forget to email me if you want to exchange buttons!!!  


  1. This is adorable!! Although, I'm getting completely excited about all your goodbyes because they are actually becoming my hello's (that's what you get when you live on the opposite side of the world!) xx

  2. i always love when you do this. seriously. you always remind me of all of the good changes that are coming. i'm so excited for fall!


  3. Goodbye to summery corals? Ugh! :( That makes me sad! At least there are plenty of perfect hellos!
    xo Heather

  4. I don't want to say goodbye to the summer colors! Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! ;) Can't wait for the fall season to begin! xoxo

  5. Hello hunter green and hello crock-pot. YES! I love these.

  6. great post, love the OPI germany collection, thanks for sharing!

  7. I love your way of story telling! I'll try to remember to link up tomorrow!!


  8. I was just about to write a similar post and just found yours!! Absolutely love it! I am SO ready for fall! xx

  9. what font did you use for "hello september"?