Friday, August 31, 2012

puppy, pretty please?

if only i could convince lovebird of this...
why do i want a puppy so badly?
i have always had a dog in my life... until i married lovebird.
{he's a real stinker.}
anyone have any tricks in convincing husbands that homes need a dog?
{more like i need a dog. but, still.}
lovebirds isn't as bad as i'm making him out to be-
he just had a rough go with dogs growing up and is somewhat scared.
slowly but surely, i'm erasing that scar of his.
he's now considering one breed. 
{and that one breed only}
which, seems to be impossible to find anywhere near us. 
however, my fingers remain crossed for lovebird to wake up one day and say,
"we need a dog."
and to that, i'll say, "finally!!"

lovebirds conditions in getting a dog:
{these are not a joke, he is dead serious.}
1. the dog will be groomed once every two weeks, and bathed weekly.
2. the dog must be a boy.
3. the dog will not step foot on our couches.
4. the dog will not be fed human food.
5. the dog won't be allowed to sleep in our bed.
6. lastly, the dog will never jump up on guests.

obviously, these all stem from bad experiences and memories. 
but, who's to say a cute little puppy can't change his mind
and exceed his expectations?

i have my work cut out for me in convincing him.
but, i have no doubt that once i do-
he'll fall completely in love with our dog and they'll be best friends.
after all, a dog is a man's best friend.

i have a feeling i'm already preaching to the choir on this topic,
but please cross your fingers that lovebird joins this choir... and soon!

happy weekend!
enjoy walking and playing with your pups! 
i am beyond jealous. 


  1. Once he gets one he'll love it!! Agree to his 'conditions' and what how soon he'll bend the rules! :) We're desperate for a puppy but our landlord won't let us have one in the apartment :(

  2. i'm not much of a dog person (because of bad experiences as a kid, haha!), but i can't say no to cute pups. ;)

    <3, Mimi
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  3. I'm in the same situation where i'm trying to persuade my fiance that we need a dog in our today. He really does want one (bonus) but he feels like now is not the right time (sad face) sigh...

  4. We've just been having the same conversation! I've always had dogs until I got married, hubby never has. But because of our working hours we're probably going to have to put the idea on hold. I think I love dogs too much to have one. Wouldn't be able to give it enough of my time. :(
    Loving your post (as always!)

  5. Good luck!

    I want to be a stay at home pug mom...but first I need to get married, then I can work on that goal.

  6. Good luck with the dog begging! Hubs has been begging me for 3 years to get a pup and he finally wore me down. We're just waiting till we move into a bigger home (which should be soon if all goes well) and then it's doggie time. And I have to say.. I'm actually getting excited about it which I wasn't at all in the past. Stay strong and keep working on it. Maybe he'll come around like me:)


  7. I hope you can convince him soon! Dogs are just the best. Definitely better than cats! :) haha In my opinion. Good luck! I'll let you know if I come up with any fabulous ideas. ;)

  8. Keep trying for a puppy, girly! My mister is the same way.... :(
    xo Heather

  9. Maybe if you got a puppy that is a bit older like 1 years old, then it would be somewhat trained and maybe not so crazy which would ease his fears. Also, I would say obedience classes are the way to go when wanting to make sure they don't jump on people and such. My pup went to basic class and my roommates pup is now in intermediate and she is so well behaved!

    I thought my bf would be a total strict dog parent when we got our pup because he had conditions like your hubs did but it turns out he's the fun parent and I'm the strict parent! Lol she does get on the couch and sleep in my bed (don't ever tell yourself, oh puppy you can sleep in the bed just for won't stay that way! Lol)

    I think boy dogs can sometimes be harder because they'll lift their leg on almost anything and pee. My dog growing up peed on the wall! Some dogs may not need to be groomed as often as he's wanting to. My pup has not ever had her hair cut because she has such short hair that it doesn't grow. She does get bathed either bi-weekly or weekly depending on where we take her throughout the week. They also have little dog wipes to wipe down your dog when they may need a little cleaning but not a full bath.

    Okay, sorry for the novel lol. But if you have any questions email me!

    Oh PS what kind of breed does he want?

  10. I'm pretty sure, that one day HE say : We need a dog. ! :D
    One pretty, calm day :>

    Once I read interesting book. (one of Mitford series)
    In this book, it was written that every dog find owner himself.
    It's true at so many times in my life!

    I'm so sorry. My English isn't good. But i have to write it.

    Have a nice weekend. :)

  11. okay. it's about to get real up in here, because i pretty much love dogs more than i love most people and i find it impossible to wrap my mind around the idea of anyone being "not a dog person". luckily, my husband already loved dogs (and i'll be honest, i think it would have been a deal breaker had he not) and he was a-okay with the idea of getting a dog. but i think if you're looking for things to suggest to the husband on why you need a dog you should go with these reasons that we discovered AFTER getting our Gilly. because really, we just got her because we wanted her and she was darling.

    1) protection. i happen to live in the ghetto, but even if i didn't, when i'm home alone some nights i get a little freaked out and it's good to know that if Gilly hears or sees anything with her keen dog senses, she will startle it/them away with her crazy loud bark. (what they don't know is that her tail is wagging and she really just wants to play with them.) but the bark makes me feel better.
    2) absolute joy. i suffer from depression and some days, when everything is just a big pile of poo, i will walk into the room that Gilly is in and she will wag her tail and come over to me and i will cry on her back and she will cuddle me so hard and lick my tears off my face and there is no prozac in the world as good as a dog on those kinds of days. she brings me so much joy and she, more than anyone or anything else, can pull me out of a funk.
    3) dogs are the perfect little half-step between no children and children. they require a certain amount of responsibility, money managing and spoiling, but you can also leave them home for hours at a time. you see, a perfect transition.
    4) dogs are peacemakers. when my husband and i get in a bantering argument over stupid things (because it's always stupid things) Gilly instantly knows it's her duty to break it up. and so she does. she just walks into the room, wags her tail, shoves her face in one of our crotches or makes this super weird noise that i cal really only compare to chewbaca and it makes us laugh and we instantly stop caring about our stupid argument and indulge in how much we love her.

    and reason number 5) people with dogs live longer than people who don't.

    also, your list made me audibly laugh because gilly literally is the opposite of everything you listed.

    she rolls in the dirt daily. if she's lucky, she gets a bath once a week.
    she's a girl.
    she has several "bed" options, but i most often find her on our couch.
    my husband gives her a bite of just about everything he ever eats...except chocolate, of course.
    she sleeps in bed with us until we both fall asleep and then moves onto another soft place
    because she's part husky, jumping on guests is one of the things we have not been able to train out of her. apparently it's just the breed. they're jumpers.

    anyways, i wrote you a book. i hope it helped.
    you can't not love a dog once you realize how much a dog loves you.

  12. I hope you can convince him!! I've been trying for 2 years, and it finally paid off. We're gonna go get our puppy by November :) I think a male is more convenient, and I also think he's right not wanting the dog to sleep in bed with you guys. You need seperate spaces (I say that and I'm so glad when my kitty sleeps with me!)

  13. oj,pups are just the best!But good luck on the no furniture rule!

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  15. awww this post is soooo sweet!! We love our pup and I had some convincing to do too when we got him!!