Monday, September 10, 2012

if only i could do this every day...

 i keep pinching myself.
did i really just fly home in a private jet for a day?
{like i said, i keep pinching myself.}
what a fun, unexpected, blessing and experience.
i say blessing, because a trip home was well needed.
quite literally an answer to my prayers.
i was craving a little family time.
i'm forever thankful to my 'new friend' who so graciously extended the offer.
how could i ever say no to something this great?
but more importantly, how can i ever repay him or say thank you enough?
a batch of cookies just doesn't quite compare to a jet ride home.
{any suggestions? start brainstorming!}
what a flight, what a memory and what a day.
the whole 32 hours went by oh, so fast.
i walked onto the jet expecting to be a passenger... 
but instead of being bumped up to "first class", i got bumped up to copilot. 
hello, awesomeness. 
i spent every minute home with family.
complete bliss, i tell you.
i hoped back on that plane and enjoyed a late night ride
{all alone again- this time lounging in the back}
replaying the laugher, memories and love spent in those hours;
trying not to fly away too fast.
it was a perfect weekend, 
thanks to a trusty little jet.
{oh, and the best family in the world.}


  1. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! I am so jealous!!

    Witha @

  2. Fantastic experience!! Could you please consider following each other? I think you could like my blog and we could keep in touch! Twitter:@shineonbyandrea

  3. Wow sounds like an awesome & cool experience!

  4. great photos! sounds awesome.

  5. Wow! Can't believe you were the co-pilot!! I'm glad you had an amazing time with your family :)

  6. Thanks so much for stopping by Chasing Hailey....your blog is too darn cute!

  7. Looks like so much fun. Way to go co-pilot :)

  8. wow how fun is this! lucky you! glad that you spend precious time wit family

  9. Umm seriously jealous right now! That is the COOLEST thing ever!

  10. That is so cool that you were co-pilot! I think I would be scared in such a tiny jet. Glad you had a safe trip and spent time with the fam.

  11. seriously so fantastic. you are probably the cutest co-pilot ever. you definitely win that award. sounds so fun though and like a fantastic weekend!


  12. How neat! This is so much fun...and I absolutely ADORE your blog :) I'm excited to read more as a follower!!

  13. Oh wow! That is amazing!!! PS. I'd love it if you could visit my blog and follow me if you like it!! :)


  14. You are too cute! :) Love that you flew in a private jet, that's so awesome. Glad you had fun at home, that's the best.

  15. Um amazing! I checked that off my bucket list a while back too, when I randomly got invited to "fly to lunch" by a friend. Um yes please!

    xoxo Shauna

  16. Wow! What a fun experience! Glad you got the family time you were craving!

  17. Bahhh looks like so much fun! I need to find me some high-roller-jet-owners.

  18. that is amazing!! who is this mysterious jet owner? so jealous you got to go home..we are going this weekend! then we HAVE to get together! we'll plan it. xo

  19. Are you a redhead? I think I love you even more. Adorable blog!

    XO Meg

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