Wednesday, October 24, 2012

a world with octobers.

it's quite obvious how busy life seems to be over here.
[sorry for the lack of blog posts. i will be better next week, i swear]
october has been one awfully busy month, i tell you.
however, let's not dwell on the business-
because everything else in october has been perfect. 
{pumpkins, rain storms, new puppy, colored leaves, visit from parents, hot coco, performing,
candy corns, the color orange, rain boots, crisp air and the list goes on and on...}
indeed, i'm thankful for a world with octobers.  
i've recently established it's my new favorite month out of the year. 
regardless of how busy i may. 
happy october.
it will be gone before we know it, so enjoy it while it lasts.

{source: unknown. sorry!}


  1. i saw this picture the other day and i'm in love with it. seriously sums up my feelings right about now.

  2. I feel you on the month of october. =) Many things has been happening to me and my hubby too.

  3. I love octobers! I love autumn! it's the best season!

  4. I'm happy there are October's. :) Fall is soo nice!

  5. it's my favourite month too! wedding anniversary month and those moons oh my!
    love this post :)

  6. The quote is from Anne of Green Gables. I love October, too!

  7. Love this quote!October really is the best!

  8. I love October as well. The weather is still warm enough that you don't need heavy jackets but crisp enough at night for a great pair of boots!

  9. I, too, am constantly in love with October :) It's that crisp autumn air I tell you! It makes everything beautiful and every sad moment disappear. I'm glad that you're back to posting and I can tell you that it isn't just me that's missed your lovely posts!

    tiana of l'esthetique

  10. I am so trying to get into the fall fun that everyone is blogging about but its still 76 here. Hopefully it will be cooler in the North Georgia Mountains at Oktoberfest this weekend. Fingers Crossed:)

  11. i can't quite believe october's over, where is this year going?

  12. i just recently found that quote on pinterest and i was so bummed that october is almost over because i LOVE it. because seriously, i do love october. i just wish georgia would hop to it and start getting chilly and brisk.

  13. October has been insanely busy for me too, I've been feeling like I'm constantly running with no end to the race in sight! But then again, it's also going by really, really fast. Strange...

  14. that's true! I LOVE october! It's the best :)


  15. Nice blog :)
    I love October too :)
    I'm following you :* Hope you follow me back :)